FC BrewHaHa
Best Looking Team in PACSL!
Blood Makes the Grass Grow
Mud - Blood - Beer
I see Orange People

Excitement this Year:
The webpage is no longer updated, but the team lives on. Check out results from previous years to read up on past glory.

Team Rules:
1. You are not allowed to complain about the team name, or the jerseys.
2. Our primary goal is to have fun.
3. In the pursuit of our primary goal, we acknowledge that winning is much more fun than losing.
Rules at Practice:
1. No complaining about the names of the drills
2. No confusing Corridor of Cones with Cones of Doom
3. No confusing Cones of Doom with Cones of Disaster
4. No confusing Cones of Disaster with Cones of Devastation

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