FC BrewHaHa 2000
Our Inaugural Season!
Tournament Champions!

Date:     Time:     Field:     Opponent:     Result:
June 18th     12:00 pm     Terman 1     Hawks     0-3 L
June 25th     8:30 am     Terman 2     Team Advil     0-1 L
July 2nd     No Games - Holiday Weekend
July 9th     12:00 pm     Terman 2     Maltese Falcons     5-3 W
Goals: Utkan(3), Muzo, Jessica
July 16th     1:45 pm     Terman 1     Big Happy Team Too     0-0 T
July 23rd     10:15 am     Terman 1     Purple Dweebs     0-3 L
July 30th     12:00 pm     Terman 1     Teal Dweebs     1-1 T
Goals: John Bauer
August 6th     8:30 am     Terman 1     Web Hogs     2-0 W
Goals: Brian, Muzo
August 13th     10:15 am     Terman 1     No Hands     1-1 T
Goals: Marie
August 20th     8:30 am     Terman 2     Rhythm & Blues     2-1 W
Goals: Adrian, Arthur
August 26th     Tournament Day 1
    10:00 am     Terman 2     Big Happy Team Too     4-0 W
Goals: Jessica, Synda, Brian, Jeff
    2:00 pm     Terman 1     Teal Dweebs     2-2 T
Goals: Jeff(2)
    4:00 pm     Terman 2     Purple Dweebs     2-2 T
Goals: Jeff, Red Socks*
August 27th     Tournament Day 2
    9:00 am     Terman 1     Rhythm & Blues     2-0 W
Goals: Marie(2)
    2:00 pm     Terman 2     Hawks     4-0 W
Goals: Jeff(2), Jessica, Marie

Team Rules:
1. You are not allowed to complain about the team name, or the jerseys.
2. Our primary goal is to have fun.
3. In the pursuit of our primary goal, we acknowledge that winning is much more fun than losing.
Our Record:
3W - 3L - 3T (0.500)

Scoring Leaders:
Name: G:

3W - 0L - 2T (0.800)

Scoring Leaders:
Name: G:
Red Socks*1
*Own Goal, maybe not his

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