FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

July 8th, 3-2 Victory vs. Purple Dweebs

This week we had our second game against the Dweebs contingent, as well as our second victory with a 3-2 win over the Purple Tank-tops (anybody want to switch to tank-tops next year?:-) Overall we played a good game, and I think it was probably a pretty exciting game from a spectator's point of view, but some solid defending and a few flashes of offensive brilliance helped us hold on to the victory. (don't listen to DanaR, no matter what she tries to tell you it was a win, not a tie).

We did however get off to our traditional 8 minutes of rocky start, which I am mostly going to blame on people eating too close to the game, and Christa forcing Skipper to do chores in the morning. We also suffered our first yellow card of the season early on, as Brian was sent off for being too aggressive. However, we also found ourselves on the right side of the officiating later on in the half, as we started to pressure and JeffDC drew a penalty shot from the other team. (thanks to Arthur for finishing into the top corner, though he assures me he was aiming a little lower). In fact I felt that we pressured them for the balance of the first half, and there were times when I was happily quite bored back there as sweeper.

As is our tradition so far this season (and a tradition that I wouldn't mind stopping actually) we allowed them to pressure more in the second half, resulting in more opportunities for the Dweebs. They struck first in this half, scoring off of a corner kick. We suffered a bit of a defensive breakdown here, letting several purple players run loose in the box. We have to remember not to lose site of the men we are marking after the ball is kicked, even if it looks like we have control of the ball. We do not have control, and you cannot stop marking your player until after the ball is well outside of the 18 yard box, preferably in the hands of one of our forwards or out the sidelines. I think what happened was that as soon as it looked like we were going to get the ball out, we all turned away from our players to head upfield. When we didn't clear the ball, we were in no position to defend, and they scored.

Luckily though, this is when the offensive brilliance came in. Just like in practice on tuesday, we scored on a textbook near-post crossing situation. Erin threw one of her patented "you've got to be kidding, girls can't throw that far" throw-ins down the line to Marie, who ignored all the defenders and crossed the ball in to Jessica at the near post, who volleyed it with the instep of her right foot past the keeper on the short side. That wasn't the end of our brilliance though as only a few minutes later Arthur picked up the loose ball after a defensive header from Josh, and sent a cross towards the top of the 18 yard box. The keeper came out, but was too slow to beat JeffDC and too wussy to actually trip him like he tried (which would have been a red card as a matter of interest) so JeffDC just poked the ball around him and slotted it into the empty net.

This should have been the end of purple Dweebs but I had the intelligence, cleverness and forsight to get a hand ball in our own 18 yard box, resulting in a make-up penalty kick for purple (the stupid ref let herself get talked into that one, augh!). However this wasn't enough for the Dweebs and we held on to win 3-2.

Scoring Summary:

  1. Arthur (off JeffDC's penalty)
  2. Jessica from Marie and Erin
  3. JeffDC from Arthur and Josh

The sad note from the game however is that it looks like Josh will be out for the season after aggravating the shoulder injury he received last week. This sucks, and we will miss you Josh!

Finally, never one to toot my own horn, I definitely receive the good sportsmanship award after lending Red-Socks some tape at halftime to help him with the blisters he was receiving from his new shoes:-)