FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

July 29th, 2-1 Victory vs. Teal Dweebs

Am I the only one who feels like we play the Dweebs an awful lot? Well I guess it's better than playing those bunch of Whiners from last week over and over and over again! Now if only we could have figured out how to convince the ref to call a slide-tackle... especially after he went out of his way to warn the captains at the start of the game that it was against the rules and he was going to be watching out for it!???! But all whining aside, we managed to notch victory #6 on the season, to continue our unbeaten streak.

It was also I thought a rather interesting game in that for once we actually played as well or better in the second half, coming out strong with a goal after only a couple of minutes, and really taking the game to the Dweebs. This is a pleasant surprise compared to how we have sat back and let other teams come at us at the start of the second half, and a trend which I think we really need to continue. This game also marked one of the first times we have been behind this season, with Dweebs striking first after some confusion and miscommunication in the back. I was happy to see that we did not get demoralized or whiny, as so many teams tend to do once they get behind. Instead we just kept on playing hard, and of course scored twice in the end to win. (including finally notching one off of a corner kick, thanks Heather!).

Scoring Summary:

  1. JeffDC from Arthur and Skipper (not a throw-in though)
  2. Heather from DanaH and JeffDC (corner kick)

We also learnt a valuable lesson in wiping off a wet ball before attempting to throw it in, as we watched Heather basically just toss the ball backwards instead of forwards, of course followed by her patented squealing pirouette. I'm starting to think this is all just an attention getting device!

Thanks to Brian and JeffDC for some extra help on D, a new position for both of them this season. I think JeffDC summed the defense up well when he said "wow, there's a lot of people in front of me":-) That's what defense is all about! Also heard from the other team, in reference to Arthur's play on defense in the first half "Man, that guy gets every ball":-) Congratulations on another win, and lets get #7 next week!