FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

August 5th, 3-0 Victory vs. Web Hogs

Seven in a Row! Good work on another nice victory, it seems like we are playing better and better each week. The Web Hogs have some strong players on their team, but when describing them I really use the term "team" loosely. We took advantage of their lack of passing, and the fact that they do not use their women to cruise to a 3-0 victory. Our first two goals were really beautiful, both very similar give and go plays deep in their end which just devastated their defense. They pressured for awhile in the second half, but our third goal courtesy of blazing speed from JeffDC really took the wind out of their sails. We however continued to play well, and used our passing to dominate the ball control towards the end of the game. Their frustration really showed as one of their forwards got a yellow card, and their goalie started to toss the F word around quite liberally (don't ask why he didn't get booked). Thanks to everyone for not getting overly frustrated with the refereeing (some of the worst we've had), especially JeffDC who got randomly berated on two separate occasions for no particular reason.

Let's keep up the strong play as we approach the end of the season. Our passing continues to improve, and along with the fact that we actually respect and use our women this is really separating us from the rest of the teams.

Scoring Summary:

  1. Brian from Skipper and Arthur
  2. JeffDC from Marie
  3. JeffDC from Nahass and Sykes