FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

August 19th, 4-2 Victory vs. Quicksilver

Congratulations on our 8th victory this season, making us finish up with an 8-2 record, an absolutely great season for us this summer. We played Quicksilver, albeit one of the weakest teams, but completely dominated them en-route to our victory. The 4-2 score was really misleading, as their first goal came as a result of a fluke deflection, and their second goal as a result of a totally bogus call from the referee, who happened to be about 60 yards away from the play when he made the call. They actually struck first, well into the first half after we squandered about a dozen scoring opportunities, but we replied late in the second half when Brian finally put home the 6th rebound on a mad scramble in their end (thank god!).

We came out well in the second half, scoring twice early on, and once more before the game was over. There isn't all that much to say about the game (besides the fact that we need to shoot more), we were clearly a better team than them, and we played like. The most important thing is that we played to our abilities, and did not slack off and play poorly just because we were up against a weak opponent. I was very happy with our passing throughout the game, and I think this was a good way to end the regular season and to start thinking about the tournament this coming weekend.

Scoring Summary:

  1. Brian from DanaR and Jessica (and about 7 other people too:-)
  2. Brian from Skipper on a patented throw-in (thanks to Skipper for making it clear he got the assist)
  3. Marie from Heather (Arthur felt the shot was a little higher than he likes to see)
  4. Brian from Arthur and Heather (hat-trick!)