FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

August 25th, Tournament Day 1

This day was not to be our day. Wracked my last minute absences and injuries, we started our first game against the Web Hogs down a couple men, and frazzled. Our dubious captain (me) set the tone for the first half of the game my randomly flailing at one of their players in the box, resulting in a penalty shot which the Web Hogs converted on to go up 1-0 (dry ball and Clark would have had that one). They scored again before the end of the half to go up 2-0. We came out better in teh second half, and managed to score two goals but this was just not enough against a strong side who netted a third, and we lost 2-3.

Scoring Summary:

  1. Sykes
  2. Dave from Christa and Marie

Game 2 that afternoon was not to prove to be any better of a result for us as we played Team Advil, a new team from teh other half of C division. We played okay, but the loss of JeffDC and Brian, our 2 top scorers over the regular season really showed here as we failed to generate many good chances, and were shut out for the first and only time this season. We finished the game two goals back, and demoralized.