FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

April 15th, 1-0 Win vs. SB Free Spirits

Under cover of darkness this Monday, rookie Edmontonian Grant managed to squeeze a late goal past the opposition's backup keeper (thanks to Christa for eliminating their starting netminder:-), leading us to a 1-0 win in our first game of the season. The husband-wife DiCarlo team looked as if they had been practicing in the living room all winter, combining on the assists leading up to the goals. Thanks to superior jerseys, superior skills and a lot of wind we really dominated in the first half, but were unable to convert on anything and went into the halftime break tied at 0 apiece.

The second half proved more challenging, with the Free Spirits pressing, and Clark actually getting to handle the ball, but we also had our share of chances. DiCarlo squandered a glorious breakaway opportunity, preferring to dribble the ball into the goalie rather than simply shoot it in the net. And I can still hear the sound of Brian's voice lamenting the fact that both Skipper and Heather simply watched his "perfect cross" slide by them "or they were in on a breakaway." I also imagine that Christa was sleeping on the couch last night after failing to convert an easy header from Brian and one of Skipper's patented long throw-ins.

All in all it was a fairly disorganized yet fun and successful first outing, let's make it the first en route to many victories. There was a scary moment late in the game with Heather going down due to a knee hyperextension, but it looks like she will be back to play next week.

Scoring Summary:

  1. Grant from Julie and Jeff