FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

April 22nd, 2-0 Win vs. Real Life

We learnt one thing this Monday night: Canadians will do anything to win. Ahead by only 1 midway through the second half, Jessica sensed a perfect scoring opportunity, off a patented long Skipper throw, needing only to flick the ball over the keeper and into the goal. Not confident enough in her head, she figured using her hands would be just what it would take to ensure victory... okay maybe it wasn't completely intentional, but from way back on defense it looked perfect. That's what the SBASL gets for hiring refs over the age of 135! All in all it was a good effort, with us dominating the balance of the play, even in the first half where we were going uphill into the wind. Clark assures me he made at least one save, but qualified that statement by saying "even that 8 year old kid on the sidelines could have saved that one." I also don't like to brag, but I think 100% of my goal kicks even stayed in bounds! Go Mike!

A goal from Jeff DC in the first half, on an incredibly sharp angle shot, and a legal header from Edmontonian Grant in the second half rounded out the scoring. Nobody sleeping on the couch this week! Except maybe Skipper, after running forward for all those throwins late in the game, I'm not sure he had enough energy left to walk all the way to bed...

Scoring Summary:

  1. Jeff from Brian
  2. Jessica from Skipper (Sortof)
  3. Grant from Skipper