FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

April 29th, 3-0 Win vs. Short Circuits

Neither wind nor mud nor missing our top two scorers (pansies!) could keep FC BrewHaHa from notching it's 3rd victory of the season tonight. Grant and DiCarlo were both MIA, so we had to call in the big guns from MAWS to give us some extra scoring punch. We dominated all game long, en route to a 3-0 victory, but the best news is that Clark actually made his first legitimate save of the season! Everybody give him a big hug when you see him next. We also got our first yellow card of the season, with Arthur lashing out in disgust at the referee's call, kicking the ball off the field! Hmmm, I guess this is what we get for trying to stop him yelling, maybe the yelling is better. He also received at least one threat of getting his ass-kicked, though coming from a 5'2", 113 pound #8 he didn't look too worried. Arthur wasn't the only one in disciplinary trouble though, with Jeff DiCarlo getting severely reprimanded by the refs without even setting foot on the field! I would have given him a red card personally. That was nothing however compared to the tongue-lashing Jeff gave Julie after the game at St John's: "Are you having a beer!?!?" he shouted! Hmmm, for even thinking about having a beer, I have a feeling Julie's on the couch tonight.

The one thing I don't understand though is how Bernadette managed to elbow a girl on the other team in the head, give her a big lump, and still end up becoming best friends with her! Women can get away with anything...

Overall a good effort, let's make it 4-0 next time!

Scoring Summary:

  1. Susan from Brian and Skipper
  2. Brian from Sykes
  3. Susan from Brian and Julie