FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

May 10th, 2-0 Win vs. Chip Shots

Well I'm sure I'm not the only one who left our game this Friday night incredibly dissappointed. Clark's girlfriend (girlf? friend? female person?) did *not* show after all, leaving myself and Skipper in particular feeling somewhat cheated. To make up for it Clark did manage to make at least 2 saves, en route to his 4th scoreless game. Marie receives the official "Shaft Award" tonight, putting the ball on the underside of the crossbar, only to have our favourite 97 year old ref not even notice it went in! As their French striker said "Zat waz a purfict ghoal!

Heather also had an eventful night, though most of her action happened off the field. She was hit on mercilessly at St. Johns after the game (the man was making the rounds of all the blondes at the place), and then Grant's extremely insightful daughter gave her the full-on eye-roll!

Overall it was a strong game, with us dominating the balance of the play. We scrambled a bit on defense, and still need to work on our man-on-man marking at times, but our midfielders did a good job of coming back, and we won many balls in the middle of the field. Let's keep it up, though we may want to consider throwing the next game in case they want to move us up a division... :-)

Scoring Summary:

  1. Grant, unassisted
  2. Grant from Brian and Christa