FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

May 13th, 2-0 Win vs. Destroyers

Destroyers Destroyed

Come on, who could resist a headline that easy? Well maybe not destroyed, but we did notch victory #5 tonight in what was probably our toughest competition of the season so far. We started off a bit hectic, what with poor Clark being not allowed on the field due to cleat issues, and some confusion which resulted in the lack of a right defender, but Skipper was equal to the task in net and we escaped the opening minutes unscathed. The first half did remain sloppy however, we never quite settled down and battled both the Destroyers and the wind. Second half didn't start much better, but a bit boot from Clark (showing off for his girlfriend, who made her inaugural appearance) leading to a goal by Grant kick started us. Of course the question we are all asking now, is "when the heck is that Grant guy going to get an assist?" Well I for one don't care if he ever gets an assist as long as he keeps scoring like he is! Heather on the other hand made it quite clear that she deserved an assist on DiCarlo's goal (not a bad shot for a kid who cant' shoot).

Well I guess nobody was listening when I said we were supposed to throw our 5th game! If we are bumped up to the next division, don't say I didn't warn you all!

Scoring Summary:

  1. Grant from Clark
  2. DiCarlo from Heather