FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

June 17th, 2-1 Win vs. SB Free Spirits

Again with the thrilling finishes! It's a real shame we don't have any fans, because they would get a real treat watching some of our games this year! Almost as exciting as Korea vs. Italy, except we didn't have sudden death overtime to spice things up. A late goal from DiCarlo, just trickling by the keeper, was once again enough to squeak by what is definitely my least favourite team in the spring league. The sad news is of course that Clark's shutout streak was finally ended... he tried to drown his sorrows in salad after the game, but that didn't work so he switched over to the cheesesteaks in a pretty big hurry!

Our goal for next game! Somebody besides DiCarlo score! Let's work the ball a little wider, and start to mix it up a bit up front. Especially with the summer league and wider fields we are going to have a lot more room out there that we want to take advantage of. And remember, just because you phrase it in the form of the question, doesn't give you the right to get all bitchy with the referee!

Scoring Summary:

  1. DiCarlo
  2. DiCarlo from Sykes