FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

July 28th, 3-0 win vs. Purple Dweebs

Back on track this weekend with a good victory against the evil Dweebs, who's tanktops and orange socks were no match for our soccer skills! Clark made at least one save, and I sat down on the ball during the middle of the game at least once as we marched to a relatively straighforward victory. 0-0 at the half, DiCarlo's speed was just too much to handle, and Jessica figured in on all three goals, clearly annoyed at having to miss last week's game due to "babies" and "doctor stuff". This was clearly evident as she sat on the goalie in a mad scramble towards the end of the game, effectively taking him out of the play and allowing Karen to score an easy goal into the open net. We have two more Dweeb battles left this year, so let's have this one set the standard for games to come!

Scoring Summary:

  1. DiCarlo from Jessica and Sykes
  2. Jessica from DiCarlo and Karen
  3. Karen from Jessica