FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

August 4th, 2-0 win vs. Teal Dweebs

Another good victory this weekend against the "other" Dweebs, teal. Brian returned from a long absence, but try as he might was unable to get an assist and had to settle for a goal instead. Even DiCarlo looked out for an assist at all costs, is this the end of the world? We really dominated the play for most of the game, and definitely deserved to win, probably by a larger margin. Clark had little action, and when they finally did get a shot he decided to save it with is throat, just to add a little spice to things! Not to be outdone, Sabataitis figured levelling one of the opposition would at least get her into the game summary, and steamrolled some poor blonde girl twice her size! Finally, there was virtually no confusion between Dave, who played for us, and Dave, who rolled around on his back in the web grass most of the game scratching himself.

I do have one suggestion though: We shall henceforth refrain from using the expression "needing a blow" to indicate a desire to be substituted off the field. I don't really think I need to explain that one (thanks Skipper!!!!)

Scoring Summary:

  1. DiCarlo from Ramsey
  2. Brian :-(