FC BrewHaHa Game Highlights

August 11th, 2-0 win vs. Team Advil

The winning streak continued this weekend with a good victory against Team Advil! They are closest to us in the standings, so this was a great game to win! We started off slowly, and they pressured us in the first half, but their asshole goalie's vicious slide tackle of Gretchen at the half time whistle proved motivating, and we came out strong scoring twice in quick succession! Thanks to everyone for keeping their composure, and not retaliating. The second ref agreed with me that the goalie deserved a red card, but that he had deferred to the first ref since the call happened on "his side". Totally bogus, I know. Hit of the game is credited to Jess Nahass for cloberring one of their players, and no call on the play! Well done! And I hope everyone saw Kennealy's brilliant header in our own 6 yard box (by everyone, I mean Brian:-). Well done, let's round off the regular season by kicking some Dweeb butt next week!

Scoring Summary:

  1. Brian from Christa
  2. DiCarlo from Karen