3-2 Win vs. Old Pros

April 24th, 2003

Welcome to the new FC BrewHaHa! If last night's game was any indication, the Spring League should be fun and a little bit more challenging this year, but hopefully not quite so full of sprinkler incidents. We had a great opening game and victory, dominating the opposition early and jumping out to a quick lead thanks to Grant "The Dominator" Nowell. Old Pros equalized after a booboo from Mike "I'm Glad My Girlfriend Wasn't Watching" Sykes, but Grant put in a lovely header off a rare quality ball from Jeff "Frisbee is Easier than Soccer" DiCarlo to end the first half ahead. I allowed a volleyed pass from Susan midway through the second half to bounce off my leg and into the goal to round out an All-Edmonton hat trick. I hope everyone got a good chance to admire Clark's entirely 100% brand new goalie outfit, including turf shoes that he bought for the sole purpose of "being like DiCarlo".

PS: I'm sure Christa would like it pointed out that her recruits to the team (Grant and Susan) accounted for a total of 2 goals and 5 points last night
PPS: The good news is that Christa's ankle is fine, the bad news is she won't be playing any games with us all year, the good news is that it's because she's pregnant. Hope for a baby with natural soccer skills!


  1. Grant from Brian and Vasey
  2. Grant from DiCarlo and Susan
  3. Mike from Susan and Grant