3-2 Win vs. Precision Identity

May 1st, 2003

Guest Summary by Brian!
Overall a well-played game by BrewHaHa. As Mike was away, I will try to provide an accurate, concise summary:

Early in the game it became apparent that the other team had a few "stars" who didn't really pass the ball to anyone else. Our whole team did a good job of slowing these players down and keeping them in front of us when they had the ball.

Acting Captain Arthur showed that the soft days of Mike-Sykes-with-a-Girlfriend would not apply to us last night. DiCarlo learned Arthur's "Show-up-first-or-play-defense" policy the hard way. However, it didn't stop the Jeffer from streaking down the wing and beating the other team's goalie to a good pass from Eileen(*). Jeff then passed across to the screaming Skipper who made no mistake about putting it in from 2 feet away.

Never one to hog the show, the Skip, just over the halfway line, headed a high pass from Susan forward. Brian somehow got in the way of the goalie's clearing attempt and only slightly outdid Skipper, scoring on the open goal from 10 feet away. (It should be mentioned that as Brian was debating what to do all alone, Skipper was, in fact, screaming "Shoot!")

The first half continued, and the most notable thing all half was how we pressured them when they had the ball, especially Susan, Eileen(*) and our defense. They were held to very few shots on goal thanks to excellent defense from Arthur, Heather, Ramsey, Bea and Jeff to name a few.

In the second half, they were down 3 women, but they wouldn't have passed to them anyway. We had a slight scare when Eileen(*) took a hard knock to her head after stopping one of their women just outside our goal.

They did manage an end-to-end play, where their star ball hog managed to get by and score their first goal on a nice shot. However, this was amidst him being continually shut down by Jeff, Ramsey, Heather and Arthur.

We relaxed a bit more with the ball and made some good passing plays, which is good to see. We had numerous good opportunities before finally Jeannette went in on the goalie after a cross. In Jeannette's words, "I could SO tell that he didn't think I would score." However Jeannette fired a good shot past the goalie on the short side to score what turned out to be the winning goal.

Late in the game, they scored another goal on a good shot due to a screwup by our center midfielder.

Overall our defensive hustle was fantastic. We could all do well to look around when we're about to receive a pass, as we all tend to rush the plays when we're in fact not under pressure.

Jeannette helped pack up the net. Thanks Jeannette.

Kudos should go to Arthur. Although he asked me to write this summary, knowing that he could not do it without profanity, he did keep his cool throughout the game, showing that he clearly has the leadership to act as captain again.

Finally, we revived the post-game trips to St. John's Pub. Last night's feature was "The Early Days of the Henrys." Skipper, as it turns out, was pretty good with the charm early on, despite "Not having much sense of style" according to Christa.

I haven't no particular effort to keep this short. Some will be reminded of the Adrian days. Others will simply appreciate Mike's short summaries in the future.

Good Game Team!

PS: (*) Eileen announced some news after the game. If you missed it, you should ask her!

Mike's Note: Skipper "Never one to hog the show", what's up with that?!?!?

Addendum from Arthur: Clark was totally on fire last night. his solid work in the first half was highlighted by a very nice sure-handed catch to save a shot from going into top corner as well as a dominating performance in the air on a rare corner kick. but his most impressive save came in the second half. when their skilled forward broke away and had a 1 on 1 opportunity with Clark. Clark dove(fell?) to the right using his impressive physique to take away the near corner and thus challenging the forward to score into the far side of the goal... he fell for it. the mental battle was won. little did he know that the entire left side was being completely and thoroughly protected by Clark's left foot. shot went low and Clark made it look like a routine save with his much underrated left foot. more solid goaltending was displayed in the second half including continued domination in the air.

our defenders did very well in the air as well. Ramsey and Jeff didn't let any of the high crosses reach their targets which had a rather frustrating effect on our opposition.

thanks to everyone for a good performance.

2nd Addendum from Arthur: last goal went like this Heather made a beautiful pass from the midfield to the right wing Amy controlled the ball drew defence and passed accurately to the middle this next part is marred in controversy i thought Grant passed to Jeannette, but Brian assures me that Grant wiffed and it was in fact Brian who made a brilliant pass to Jeannette who was open in the left corner of the box. Jeannette showed a lot of poise and accuracy putting the ball into near side top corner well out of reach of surprised goalie.

since both Brian and Grant were involved on the play and Brian was much closer close to the ball than me i would tend to trust Brian's version.


  1. Skipper from DiCarlo and Eileen
  2. Brian from Skipper and Susan
  3. Jeannette from Brian and Amy