2-0 Win vs. Code Blue

May 8th, 2003

Mike: Well first of all, we need to talk about the Dawning of a New Move. That's right, mark down Thursday, May 8th, 2003 as the day the "DiCarlo" was born. Never before have I seen such skill as DiCarlo deftly lifted the ball from a virtual standstill straight up in the air to exactly head height, then precisely nudged it by the defender to beat him severely. He assures me it was not planned, but I have my doubts on this one. You all want to attend practice on Tuesday as we will go over videotapes of the move and practice it until we each perfect it.

I'd also like to talk about Clark, who midway through the second half asked me, "We haven't scored yet have we?" I'm not sure if I should congratulate Clark for his utter confidence in the team in assuming that certainly we must have scored by then, or if I should chastise him for clearly not paying much attention to what was going on during the game?!

Brian: Here we go again - Mike asked me to write the game summary so that he could have an extra donut this morning.

The other team - we'll call them "Stripes" had a whole 11 players this week, so things looked to be tough from the start. But with Arthur playing forward in those distracting shorts that are still somehow more appropriate for FC-BrewHaHa than my own, we started out strong. Forwards Susan, Heather and Arthur put good pressure on their defense, and we had several chances.

On one of those chances, Susan and Arthur had repeated fire on their goalie. Sadly, Arthur's last shot was going right in before they made a quick goalie change and their defender stopped a high shot with both hands. We did get the penalty kick... but in a serious lapse of judgement Arthur decided I should take the kick. All I have to say (besides sorry!) is that I think the goalie was so surprised at how directly at him I kicked the ball that he almost let it in.

Stripes got a bit better as the first half went on, and were working the ball down the side a bit. In fact they managed a shot on goal, but let's just say up front that our defense shut them down for pretty much the whole game. With Mike back, and Bea, Arthur and Ramsey in familiar spots, Clark didn't even have a chance to make any spectacular saves this week.

The first half continued, pretty uneventfully. Some good throw-in's from the Skipper, but as usual Brian's head-of-randomness kept the fans wondering which goal he was actually shooting on.

In the second half, we came out a bit stronger. Lots of great hustle from everyone. Some points that should not be missed: Monica repeatedly taking the ball from their whiner-number-niner. Vasey making her first in-game header, and a good one. Mike getting chewed out for a great offensive effort at the ball that scared their defender, and calmly telling her that "In retrospect I do apologize." Good playing also from Erin on the wing - keep up the talking.

Ah, better get to the point I guess. The subdued DiCarlo decided to take one of our corner kicks, and it was a good one. Basically straight into a mass of their players. Grant later confessed, "I basically just kept their goalie out of the way." (That deserves an assist!) With a flashback to last week, Brian beat Skipper's previous record of scoring from 2 feet away with a full 16-inch shot. Quite a crazy goal. If Mike weren't back to coach, I'd say that we should learn from this that good pressure after corner kicks will get us quite a few goals.

Once up by a goal, we kept up good pressure. Despite them catching us offsides quite a bit, and convincing the ref to make the call on many other occasions, we did have several shots on goal from Susan, Erin, Skipper, Vasey, DiCarlo, and Ramsey got in there for one too.

Okay, on to Arthur. With Mike back, Arthur decided to take some liberties. #13 was giving him some cheapshots, so Arthur just figured it was time to trip him. The yellow card might have been extreme, and Arthur just quietly walked off without discussion. Right. But he did keep fans Christa and Julie in check. Now, in case you're wondering, Julie is sidelined with a knee injury. Admit it! I know you were wondering.

Clark, not able to make many saves due to their lack of offense, decided to get attention another way. Let me just say that he gave me an absolutely perfect pass. I panicked a little when faced with having to dribble the ball up the field, so passed off to Susan who returned a pass to me in the corner. I then passed it over to Erin on the far post. It turned out to be one of those shots that you'd never make if you tried. Erin was supposed to jump 3 feet and head the ball in to the top corner. It was a pass, honest! Just ask Bea who was yelling to pass too Erin - I always listen to her.

Mike: In fairness to myself, I haven't had a single donut today. I was at yoga! Manliest of endeavours! Also, I'd like to point out that although Clark did not technically "save" the ball on the breakaway, the fearsome site of 220 (and growing) pounds of red-clad Texan bearing down on their forward was simply too much for him to handle, and he shot the ball wide out of pure intimidation. Well done!


  1. Brian from DiCarlo
  2. Brian from Susan and Clark