5-2 Win vs. Bay Area Kickers

June 6th, 2003

Well Brian is out of town, and I forgot to delegate Game Summary responsibilities to anyone else so looks like I'm back writing the darn things for now. It didn't look like a super-promising start to the game earlier in the day as we realized we would be short women for the game, but it turns out the worrying was unnecessary as they other team started the game with only 2 men.

I don't really like to write about my own exploits, but I figure by bout of sheer incompetence to start the game needs to be highlighted. Attempting a "Ronaldinho" from half at the kick-off, my days in Kauai were evident as all I managed to do was peg the opposing teams captain in the arm. Oops! She seemed rather unimpressed, so I decided to apologize. I got halfway through my excuse of "I just got back from Hawaii" when I stepped on her foot. Ouch! Do you think it's any surprise she pegged me with the ball later in the game? I don't! It's okay though, I managed to wallop her a second time in the second half, go me!!!

After that, things looked up. We basically strolled around the field dominating, as would be expected. Things got a little more exciting when they got a third man, but that didn't stop "The Machine" DiCarlo from slotting a goal (or maybe he scored before that guy got on, I can't remember!!) We then started playing around with the ball, and I had to remind some of the forwards that we were only up by one goal. It's alright though, Amy connected on a great cross from DiCarlo to put us up 2-0, DiCarlo got another patented score, and Grant stole the ball on an errant clearance from their keeper to put us up 4-0. A little selfish of Grant not to pass the ball around and get some assists for some other players, but what do you expect from an Edmontonian?!

Finally we got a little lazy and let them score, but we weren't done for the half. With my girlfriend in attendance I decided to show off a little and took advantage of the fact that their defense was totally exhausted, and accidentally put the ball in their net. The good news is Juniper actually saw it! :-)

At halftime we let poor Amy Torok off the hook since she had to leave, and we had accumulated a 5-1 lead. This put us down two players. In addition they picked up an extra male player (I think they literally found him on the street!), which meant that they were only short 1. We played pretty well, but it was definitely more of a game than the first half, and they actually scored (okay technically Arthur scored, but I think to be nice we won't take a goal away from him *or* DiCarlo in the stats). We didn't manage to find the back of the net again, but not for lack of trying. Skipper and I both missed on blatant breakaways, and showed a good degree of general incompetence. Oh well, it was probably best that we didn't run up the score too much!

As always though, the best part of the evening was at St. John's, courtesy of Skipper. He announced to the table "DiCarlo, you're the first goalie to let a goal in for a long time!". DiCarlo replied, "Didn't you let one in during the first half?" Touche! Thanks to Skipper, DiCarlo and Ramsey for each playing goal for us, we'll be needing some more of that as Clark heads off on vacation, the little bastard!

And a big thanks to our fans for possibly the biggest fan based turnout of the year, Tracey and Julia and Julie and Christa and Juniper, looking forward to seeing some more pics from Julie.


  1. DiCarlo from Arthur
  2. Amy from DiCarlo and Arthur
  3. DiCarlo from Susan and Bea
  4. Grant Unassisted
  5. Mike from Susan