2-0 Win vs. Rhythm and Blues

June 15th, 2003

The summer season started with a bang, playing Rhythm & Blues, a team who we failed to score on in two games last year. Summer season is different from Spring primarily in that the games are during the day, the teams are a bit better and more fun, and most importantly the games are played on grass.

Starting out, we had Marie back. In her 2003 coed debut, Marie scored several times on Arthur in warmup. That probably fired up Arthur, who put on a strong show in goal. Hopefully Arthur's leg will feel better about when Clark returns.

Also fired up, was DiCarlo. Not only was it Fathers' Day, but Jeff was also getting his PhD later in the day. Jeff had convinced his parents and Julie's Mom to fly out to watch our game, so it was nice that they could also watch him graduate on the same trip. (Congratulations to Dr. DiCarlo!)

R&B are a good team. Mainly because they have good women and because the whole team pass the ball well. Fans of "Survivor," such as myself, quickly recognized Shauna, who had been on the last episode. Despite taking a soccer ball to the Amazon, Shauna was voted off rather early. So if you stole the ball from #61, you can be proud of taking the ball from a TV celebrity.

After Brian failed to get his head on a nice DiCarlo cross, Jeff decided to do it himself. He stole a ball from the other team and went in on the goalie, before the patented "beat the goalie and score from impossible angle." As it happened, the goal was set back 2 feet from the line, so the defender tried to clear the ball after it went over the line. However, he shot it right into the net. So we'll give Jeff the goal, but if he'd rather have an assist, it's negotiable.

Plenty more scoring opportunities on nice work from Marie/Heather on the right. Also, good passing from the Brunette tandem (Jeannette & Vasey) on the left. Mike and Ramsey even had a few runs from their defensive slots, as it was clear early that we had enough speed to stop them defensively. We managed to get up 2-0 when Brian chased down a forward pass from Marie and managed to find the bottom corner of the goal.

Defensively we were solid. Daniel and Bea kept their wingers frustrated. And Mike/Ramsey made sure that Arthur didn't have to work too hard. That said, Arthur did make a nice first-half save when #5 streaked in from the corner. Back to offense - we switched around a bit, which is always nice. Lots more opportunities on offense. Grant almost scored on a DiCarlo-type run. Jeannette learned the hard way that you shouldn't call too loudly for the ball when you're offside.

The second half was fun, but not too eventful. (Translation - I don't remember much.) Mike moved up to the front, and Brian to sweeper. Their #5, incidentally, was not very helpful when I asked him for hints on playing sweeper. However, in return, Daniel kept taking the ball away from him. Erin had a great header opportunity, but just missed to the left of the net. (Another notable contribution from Erin may have been when Dave managed to trip a jogger with his leash.) Mike wanted it mentioned how unsportsmanlike it was of the other team's goalie to save his Renaldihno attempt - a nice turn-around shot to the top left corner from way out. However, Marie would probably argue that stopping her on her great-hustling attempt from close in was less appropriate. Poor Ramsey managed to re-hurt his cut knee from Thursday, on what would have been a great one-timer.

What else? We were better about the talk-back to refs and players. Ramsey managed to convince You-Know-Who to keep it quiet on one questionable call. But I will say the other team seemed to genuinely like playing us. Good game team - the summer league should be fun. Especially the annual hangover game next week.

Contrary to popular rumor, Julie is not the third pregnant woman on FC BrewHaHa this year (emphasis on not pregnant, as opposed to not the third). However this does not mean you should not make grandchildren type remarks in the general vicinity of any of her relatives at all times. I'd also like to congratulate the entire team on not asking what's-her-face for an autograph, since apparently she was actually quite annoying on Survivor, and mostly just tried to hit on the guys.


  1. DiCarlo from Erin
  2. Brian from Marie