2-0 Win vs. Tornados

June 29th, 2003

We started out a couple of people short against the Tornados. They are a fast team, and though we have been successful against them in the past, they always give us a good game.

In the first half, there was some good passing, but we weren't really getting to enough balls first. Their good defense kept stopping us, though we did have some shots. We were also having trouble in the middle, though Ramsey and DiCarlo helped fill the space later in the half. Good hustle from Marie on the left to get the foul calls from being bashed around by their defender.

In the second half we came back a bit stronger. Lots of opportunities. Mike took a bit of a rest with a lingering quad injury. That meant Brian and Ramsey taking goal kicks. Well Ramsey did fine, but I sent one along the ground that probably has Mike looking for a physical therapist right now. During my stint at sweeper, where they got a couple of close shots I apologized to Clark for one close call. Our Tough Texan responded, "If it had been going in I would have saved it." Good attitude Clark!

Subbing for us was Sandra, a schoolmate of Julie. (no, Julie is not pregnant, but we know you were wondering as soon as you read this.) Sandra was strong at right wing with a couple of great shots in the first half. On a pass from Marie, she went in on goal from the right, and drew the goalie out before making a nice pass to Grant for a goal.

The play of Arthur should also be mentioned. Arthur played so hard we actually made him sub out twice! In a little pinball game, he got the ball back from the other team and sent a nice lead pass to Marie on the left. Similar to Sandra, Marie drew out the goalie. However, seeing no Grant, Marie just shot the ball in. Nice goal Marie - way to keep it on the ground!

Other notes - Skip was back as thrower-inner. A few fine chances on his throws. But between my unlucky hand ball, and Ramsey not being able to jump 30 feet straight up to get the header-deflection, we didn't quite convert.

As always, strong defensive play from Bea, Ramsey, Heather and Arthur. Nice throws from Erin. It seems like our passing in the midfield is doing well. We could certainly stand to have our forwards come back more, so that we can work the ball up the field more as a team. Also, it'll make it easier for the midfield to keep up without making long passes. [I'm actually passing on thoughts from others here.]

Jeannette was not called off-sides all game. Everything okay?!


  1. Grant from Sandra and Marie
  2. Marie from Arthur