4-0 Win vs. Code Blue

July 1st, 2003

Happy Canada Day!

Uh-oh! The spring season is over. Well we'd played Code Blue before and they sure put up a bigger fight last time.

The game began with loud, but well-meaning ref summoning the players. Code Blue were down about 3-4 players at the start. That made it tough for us to not be OS. [Note that OS is my abbreviation for off side]. But we did make scoring look difficult given the player advantage.

After about 3 OS calls against us, Heather punched forward a nice pass from Vasey. Brian got to the pass, and went in on their goalie. [Now since I am writing this, I can tell you what went through Brian's head: What would DiCarlo do in this situation] I did get around the goalie and found myself 10 feet from the goal line, uncontested. So again I thought, "what would DiCarlo do?" So I decided to try to shoot, and did. However, it would be a shame not to mention Jeannette calling for the pass to her on the 18 yard line at that point. Jeannette is perhaps more realistic about my shooting ability than most?!

On with the game. Several more OS calls. They seemed to get more and more angry with each one for some reason though. However, the ever hustling Ramsey snuck forward to get a Skipper throw in and got past their defense as they tried their OS trap again. He went in on the goalie from the left and made a very nice pass over to Brian for an easy goal. 2-0. The team protested for the OS call that they wanted again. However, it seems unlikely either of us were OS that time because the ball was in front of us the whole time.

Okay, Code Blue just got more and more frustrated. Mental note: If you are trying to get an OS call and don't, it's a good idea not to give up completely, but rather to at least get back on defense. Yes, there were about 2 more OS calls. Then Christian and Marie went in on a combination that I don't quite remember perfectly, ending with Christian scoring. All I remember was that Code Blue were still protesting the lack of OS call about two minutes after the goal. Yikes!

So it seemed like Code Blue were basically willing to just bet the game on whether the ref would call the OS. However, after 9 OS calls against us in the first half, I do feel it appropriate to include a web link: http://www.aboutsoccer.com/lawsoffside.htm

I just have to put in a plug for my own offsides rule webpage

The first half did end with their #21 having a collision with Clark. There will be more on this, but Clark did look good on the save. Mike gave a very motivational speech at half time.

So in the second half they pulled the poor unfortunate goalie. We had a fairly easy time, and made some good passes. None so nice as the Arthur-Grant-DiCarlo sequence that got us our 4th goal. Grant basically stopped the ball outside the 18, and fed it between the defender and goalie so DiCarlo could run onto it and take it in for the score.

Lots more happened, though. A nice cross from DiCarlo left Jeannette with a great shot, but it came off the post. Jeannette had another close attempt later, but to no avail. Kudos to Jeannette for not being OS on either attempt.

Then DiCarlo, whose name is now synonomous with other "O" names like Figo, Renaldo or Rivaldo, went in for another score. Beat the goalie and then made a beautiful pass to Marie. But, you guessed it... OS. Very unselfish play by DiCarlo though. I had a joke about it, but it was so unselfish that I'll withhold it.

And let's not forget Bea. After Brian got pegged in the butt for being in the way of her clearing kick, Bea gives a player ON THE OTHER TEAM a hug. Nice. But after I complained, she did give me one too. Thanks Bea! Mike had a nice interaction with their linebacker, who clearly thought he was something special. The linebacker tried repeatedly to beat us, but didn't. Just as well - he almost flattened Clark on one opportunity.

Unlike the linebacker, #21 had two more collisions with Clark. Way to hold your ground Clark. Clark also had a great save on #21 as well. So, are you ready: #21's reason for colliding with Clark 3 times was that "his mind thinks he's faster than his body actually really is." Doesn't that mean he should have stopped well short of Clark? I dunno.

They were overall a pretty friendly team. In fact, after Vasey's successful first in-game throw-in, one of their players advised her to keep her heels on the ground. Hmmm. It was sad for the nicer people on that team to have to put up with what was some of the worst intra-team barking I've seen in a while.

Anyway, good end to the season. In case you're wondering, my count of OS calls ended at 14. Jeannette wants it known that they weren't all her. Hopefully Mike will add some of the St. John's conversation to this too.... Oh yeah - Julie is coming to practice next week. Maybe. But she isn't pregnant.

Finally Susan, after a long absence, taunted us with her presence. Good to see Susan running down all those balls on the wing again... but alas, we won't get to see her playing for us again until late July. Not fair!

I don't know about good conversation at St Johns, all I really remember is a whole lot of manly talk about cars, but frankly I couldn't think of anything else after Niki insulted my Focus rather severely, implying it should be on the Top Ten Gay Cars List, when really she was just bitter because the Jetta is. I want it known though that my Guaco Chicken Sandwich took forever to arrive, and I was pretty much the only one eating by the time it did. I wanted to take another "Should Mike and Juniper Live Together" Poll, but didn't quite get around to it. I think Jeff and Julie were fighting since they sat on opposite ends of the table, I believe it has something to do with the TiVo arrangement screwing up all the furniture in the apartment. Ramsey left early because he required fried food, but one of their friers was broken (not friar, those were fine), apparently the new Atkins diet involves only 100% saturated fat foods. Speaking of Ramsey, we also established he has the smallest ass of any man on the team, with the possible exception of DiCarlo. We couldn't measure though since Ramsey wasn't there. Christian assures me Ramsey's entire ass could fit in just one of his cheeks, and I found myself in no position to argue. We decided that the name for Christa and Christian's new baby is going to be "Spring and Summer Poipu Bella Ren-Kai Michael Ramsey Henry". Yes, it's a girl.


  1. Brian from Heather and Vasey
  2. Brian from Ramsey and Christian
  3. Skipper from Marie and Ramsey
  4. Jeff from Grant and Arthur