2-1 Win vs. Team Advil

July 13th, 2003

Well that darn Brian is out of town, so here I am stuck doing the summary once again. First of all, I'd like to say that a Text Message is *not* the preferred form of game-day communication. That's all I'm going to say on that! We had some definite confusion on game time this week, with some showing up for an earlier game, some for a later game. It resulted in a bit of a scattered start to things, but in the end no harm done. For awhile though I thought we were going to be in for a really tough game, and Advil provided their best pressure of the match in the first 15 minutes or so, but didn't manage to generate too many good scoring opportunities and in the latter part of the first half things settled down. We got a full 11 on the field, and Clark was able to rest a bit better since I didn't have to go hang out and chat on the sidelines any more! Overall I'd say the first half wasn't super-eventful, well except of course for their goalie acting like a doofus again. Barbara (who was subbing for us up on right wing in case you missed the game) challenged their keeper for the ball. I'd say her foot was in the near vicinity of him, but from my (admittedly far away) vantage point it sure didn't look all that dangerous to me. That did not however stop him from either a) throwing the ball at her back as she walked away in a fit of small-testicled rage, or b) purposely bumping into Marie moments later when the ball was loose again. The good news is that I think he recognized what he was doing, and the rest of the game he played very well, and by well I mean nicely. Clark is a far better keeper. The bad news is that this is the same guy who injured Gretchen last year in a vicious and worthless tackle from behind, so he's not really getting any smarter with age.

There was also a little bit of Arthur vs. Spanky action in our 18 yard box, as Arthur put a hard tackle on Spanky, who went down like 130 pounds of bricks (estimated total weight of Spanky). Arthur claims he made absolutely no contact with the ball, but the only person that seemed terribly upset was one of their defenders and the incident was quickly forgotten.

At half time Clark tossed me my gatorade bottle which slipped through my hands and made some non-negligible contact with my gnards. That wasn't pleasant, but a typical leisurely PACSL halftime was enough to take the edge off.

The second half would have been a lot like the first half, except for all those lovely goals that were scored. We had I would say two of our nicest goals of the season so far yesterday on a couple of great plays. Grant picked up a lovely pass from Arthur, and cruised down the right side with the ball before sending a patented "FC BrewHaHa very pretty but nobody's ever on the rear post" cross over towards the rear post. Their goalie made a semi-valiant attempt to grab the ball, and lo-and-behold we had Marie streaking into the spot for a wicked one timer into the back of the net. Nice job! We slotted another one only a couple minutes later after Barbara meandered down the right side through about 2 or 3 defenders and played a low ball into Christian. Christian looked more like a graduate student with plenty of time to attend practice than a man with a high paying job as he cooly one timed the ball into the center of the net. Arthur congratulated Bea on her assist on the play, but she assured him she had done no such thing. 5 minutes later though Bea finally decided "you know what, I think I did get an assist".

That was it for our scoring, but not for the scoring of #4's. I say #4's because when their number 4 scored low into the bottom corner later in the half, it actually deflected off of my hand (for the record I'm also #4). Clark was within about 3 millimetres of the save, and I have a bad feeling if he hadn't struck my hand with the ball it would have been saved for sure. He's a nice guy though, and I was happy it was him to score and not any of their whiners.

Thanks to Christa and Juniper for maintaining a fan presence on the sidelines!

Finally, think happy thoughts for Grant who left the game with a wrenched back, and Bea with a slight calf pull!


  1. Marie from Grant and Arthur
  2. Skipper from Barbara and Bea


  • Christa
  • Juniper