5-1 Win vs. Quiksilver

July 20th, 2003

Quicksilver are arguably one of the weaker teams in the summer league. However, the 1:45 HOT time slot slowed us down at the start. That and us not really showing much fight for the ball. The first half started with quite a few off sides calls against us. Quicksilver like to try to push us off sides, which is kind of stupid, considering we are much faster than they are, and it just gives us more field in which DiCarlo can chase lead passes.

We did have quite a few chances early on. Sadly, it is hard for me to forget one of the better ones - when I got a breakaway and then missed the goal.

Deserving mention is the great hustle from Barbara on the right wing. Too bad she left after the first half! Finally things got better - a corner kick snuck it's way through to DiCarlo for a nice shot to finish it. Shortly afterward, Marie beat a defender on a pass from Mike, and took a typical Marie shot from the left to beat the goalie high to make it 2-0.

However, our lead didn't last long. The combination of not-so-aggressive defense and a good shot from the 18 lead to Quicksilver's first goal against us in quite a few games, I think.

I don't remember much about the first half really, as the heat fried my brain. There was great hustle on D from Heather and Mike in particular.

The second half started out stronger for us, with us controlling the game more-or-less. In fact I don't think Clark got much action at all in the second half, but it was still a good game to watch, as I can attest.

More scoring - I haven't much of a clue on this one, but DiCarlo got away from their defense and scored on a lead pass from Mike. A bit later on, the scene repeated. Skipper claims he was off side, and stayed out of the play so Jeff could score. Personally I think Skip deserves an assist just for noticing!

The final goal was the one to remember. An Erin throw-in down the line to DiCarlo - way to notice him breaking, Erin - started the play. Jeff made a GREAT cross to Ramsey for one of the the prettiest header finishes in Brewhaha history. Jeff still wonders how he made such a good pass. Admit it Jeff, you thought Ramsey was the goal post. Anyway, great goal!

That's how the game ended: 5-1. I can't remember much except having no energy all game. In general, the women played GREAT, with no subs in the second half. Refs were okay, once they learned how to call foul-throws, but were not really a factor in the game. Pretty good hustle all around, and we are going to need that next week when we play a tougher team.


  1. Jeff from Barbara
  2. Marie from Mike
  3. Jeff from Mike
  4. Jeff from Mike
  5. Ramsey from Jeff and Erin


  • Alex
  • Julie
  • Juniper
  • Mike Ho
  • Noelle