5-0 Win vs. Purple Dweebs

July 27th, 2003

So... it WAS the Purple Dweebs who stole our tournament win last year on that controversial corner kick call that got them the tying goal.

Hmmm. Revenge would be sweet, but I don't want to give away anything yet.

The 8:30 game is always a tough start. We should pause to think about what Mike goes through: He wakes up around 5am to think about the game, and all the subtle coaching decisions he must make. Then he gets to the field, I'm guessing around 7:30. Then the rest of us start showing up at about 8:15.

Despite the early wake-up, the day started with concern when Mike mentioned that he had had a dream about Clark. However, things picked up. After DiCarlo shot 3 straight into the top corner on me, Clark took over. Dweebs showed up around 8:29. I think they have a team bus, actually, that brings them from Dweebville.

We did start strong, unlike last week. Mental note: let's do this EVERY game. Lots of offensive pressure, especially from the wingers and DiCarlo. That pressure helps a lot, as their defense have trouble clearing the ball. Kudos to Susan, Erin, Barbara, Sandra, and Jeannette for being offensive. (in a good way!)

We were able to keep the ball in the Dweeb end of the field for most of the first half. Good to have Dave subbing for us, and I don't mean the dog, though he was there too. I especially liked Dave's call of "That's back far enough, Brian" on their goalkicks. Saves soo much energy!

Well eventually, as sometimes happens, DiCarlo got subbed off for slowing down to under 30mph. Grant took a nice pass from Barbara, and led Jeannette on the right. Jeannette took her patented lob shot into the back corner of the goal to make it 1-0. Way to make the summary AND not be offside, Jeannette. (Though I guess I just wrecked that.)

Their goalie continued to face plenty of pressure, and did do a good job of shutting us down a lot. However, on a weak goal kick, Dave gave a nice lead header to DiCarlo, who steered off their defender and then went in alone on the goalie to make it 2-0 amid roars of "Go, Honey!" from the Brewhaha cheering section.

Dave decided he wasn't quite done - he made a nice throw in to Brian at the close goalpost, which rolled off the back of Brian's neck into the goal to make it 3-0.

Good to have Arthur back. Marie, graciously playing defense rounded out an invincible defense with Mike and Dave, so the Dweebs didn't really get a shot on goal in the first half.

The second half continued to have us dominating. We relaxed a bit, and Dave left early. That gave them a couple of runs. On the most memorable, their big guy had a hard shot on Clark from close range. Anyone who has ever said that Clark doesn't like to put his body on the ground to make a save... well Clark proved them wrong. A great lunge to the left was definitely a highlight as Clark pursued the shutout.

Overall our ball movement was great, and we controlled the game very well. Our wingers were making some fine crosses. Great header attempts from Marie, Grant, DiCarlo, Mike to name a few. Let's keep sending in ALL the midfielders to get the crosses that come out on the 18 yard line though. (i.e. especially the midfielder on the opposite side from where the ball is crossed) Our chances of scoring go up a lot when we have a player on the 18 as well as a player in deep for the cross.

What else? Just kidding Sandra. I'm not forgetting your nice little moves before you passed the ball over to Grant, and the great move Grant put, all alone on the goalie. Usually we just see Grant's nice shots for goals, so seeing him go in alone on the goalie was a treat.

That said, Grant decided to score his usual way. I can't quite remember the start, but Susan got a pass from Mike, then made a nice cross, and Grant fired a hard shot into the goal. 5-0.

Okay! Just good to give the Dweebs a little thrashing, though you know they'll want revenge. Next week will be a tough game, so eat your wheaties this week.


  1. Jeannette from Grant and Barbara
  2. Jeff from Dave
  3. Brian from Dave
  4. Grant from Sandra and Dave
  5. Grant from Susan and Mike


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