5-1 Win vs. Web Hogs

August 10th, 2003

After defaulting last week, the Web Hogs came to play hard. FC-Brewhaha were 3-1 overall against the 'Hogs, but the time they beat us will be remembered with some frustration as it was in the tournament.

We missed Daniel, Grant, Barbara and Bea, but it was great to have Ramsey and Skipper back. (Mike: and Commie!)

As is becoming usual, our wingers moved the ball well. Susan broke her record, being in the country for her third consecutive game. Jeannette was only called off sides once in the first half. The midfielders played well too - especially on the outside. It was good to see the outside midfielders coming to the middle when the ball was on the other wing.

We had many opportunities early, while Erin was still helping to recruit enough women for them. DiCarlo had a couple of close runs on their goalie. Eventually Brian fed a lead pass to DiCarlo, which he took in flawlessly and scored. Now normally I have to scratch my head to make some of these goals interesting, but not this one. After scoring, DiCarlo turns to me and says, "Was that your first assist all year?" Say no more. Well not yet.

Fairly soon afterward, DiCarlo went in from the left, more-or-less alone. He took a SHOT that bounced off the goalie, then the far post to Vasey, who was open on the other wing. Vasey held her poise, and move the ball back to the middle before taking a shot from close in, but they got to it. Vasey didn't give up, and had another shot which their defender stopped on the goal line with his hand. The rebound came to Brian who managed to put the shot in. But Vasey would have put away the penalty shot without any trouble...

That's how the first half ended. Of course a solid defensive effort left them with about two corner kicks and not a lot of other opportunities. DiCarlo had a nice pass over to Jeannette, who almost put it away. Susan and Erin both had good opportunities too. Mike had a fairly good attempt at a goal too, but it went high. Alas.

In the second half, Mike came in to play forward, which is good to see. Good action up front. I don't remember all the goals all that well, to be honest. But the first one of the second half seemed like a nice DiCarlo finish.

On one of the prettier goals of the game, Mike(?) sent a pass over to Marie, perhaps via their goalie. Marie, who spent the first half working her butt off on defense decided to show the boys how to shoot properly, with a nice high, hard shot to make it 4-0.

Soon afterward, Skipper showed he was paying attention. Jeff took the ball in and drew the defense before making a great pass over to Skip for a Marie-like finish. Nice job folks!

Okay, from here I will just describe why I couldn't remember much else. Arthur allowed me to play sweeper, which is why he is 1% at fault. Their goalie sent a nice long drop-kick, and I was all set to chest it except it went over me. Their talented stripes guy went in on Clark and scored. However, I should mention that Clark did a great job and almost stopped him.

What else? Jeannette did manage to make the summary in the second half as well... but only once. Ramsey gave another great showing following his vacation. Christa was back to root for us.

There was also some debate about how assists will be counted. I don't know the result, except that it seems like there is less to remember for these summaries... or more?


  1. Jeff from Brian
  2. Brian from Vasey and Jeff
  3. Marie from Jeff and Mike
  4. Marie from Mike
  5. Skipper from Jeff


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