4-1 Win vs. Battling Geezers

August 17th, 2003

Without Captain Mike, Arthur took the reins. Arthur is getting soft, and allowed everyone to show up about five minutes before the game. We had Dave and Allison subbing, which is always good.

Once everyone had borrowed socks from Heather and Marie, the Brew were ready to play. Geezers showed early that they could pass the ball well. And #11 showed that he could shove people from almost any angle. We did okay with it all though, and gave good pressure all half.

Some highlights: Two 2-on-1's where DiCarlo made a nice pass to Brian who failed to finish. On one, Brian was accused of taking a dive to get the rather fishy "obstruction" call. Okay, it was a bit of a dive, but there wasn't much question whether it was a foul, and when pushed from behind while going for the ball, it is tough to see how he "obstructed" me. On to better stuff though. On one of our corner kicks, all I can say is Ramsey showed why he is "Mr. Header" with an outstanding ability to shake off the defense and put a hard header almost on goal from the 18 yard line. It missed the top corner by about 2 feet. Jeannette also had a few good shots on goal, and Susan was doing well at left wing.

Marie finally put us on the board. Another nice pass from DiCarlo, leaving Marie with quite a lot of net, and no mistake. The first half ended 1-0 despite many chances for us. Our defense was, as usual, very solid. Daniel, sporting some nice striped socks was glad to be back.

The second half started out the same way. They passed well, but we put good pressure on them and they really didn't have many chances. GREAT pressure especially by Allison and Susan who never seem to give up. Erin made some great passes, working with Susan on the wing, and had our first good shot on goal in the second half.

However, it would be the DiCarlo rush that would haunt the Geezers. On a lead pass, their defender misjudged the ball (I feel for him) and Jeff beat their shaky goalie for what the Geezers called a "lucky" goal.

Soon afterward, a weird sequence and call led to them having an indirect kick from our 6 yard line. Despite our whole team in the goal, they managed to score. Guess we should just leave the goaltending to Clark.

More chances. Good play from everyone still. Arthur was up on forward, getting some good shots. Jeannette was on side all game. Way to go! Marie stole a ball from their defense and put a good shot into the bottom corner to make it 3-1. Hopefully Marie will keep up the scoring next week!

But sorry other goal scorers... the highlight goal was when striped-sock-clad Daniel decided to put a high ball in toward the goal. Just over my head as I tried to head it, then through the defenders legs and under the goalie. 4-1 is how it ended.


  1. Marie from Jeff and Brian
  2. Jeff from Brian and Marie
  3. Marie Unassisted
  4. Daniel from Erin, with help from the keeper


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