FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

April 15th, 2004
2 - 2 Tie vs. Destroyers

Mike: As Brian mentions below, this is now the 5th season of FC BrewHaHa soccer. I don't know about the rest of you, but to me that's something pretty darn special. It's been a lot of work at times, but the good news is that I think we've won more than we've lost, and had a lot of fun doing it. Thanks to everyone who's been there from the start, and to all the new faces that keep showing up! The first 30 seconds of tonight's game aside, let's make this a great season!

Brian: Welcome to the 5th season of FC Brewhaha. First off: I'm in pain - anyone else? Normally we'd at least have a story of Skipper's youth chasing Southern California babes as a teenager to help distract from the pain. Despite losing many good Brewhahans (Christa, Eileen, Skipper, Jessica to name a few, and hopefully we'll still see Clark for a while) we have some good replacements - welcome to Azzi, Alison, Laura and Gael. We also had Jome subbing for us. (Hopefully Mike corrects my spelling on your names...) (Mike: Sorry Brian, I want the originals spellings maintained for posterity! For the record it's Gion and Azi)

You're probably guessing that I'm procrastinating because I don't remember much, so will get to it.

We started short one women, and set a new FCB record for the fastest goal scored on us. They basically got the ball down field and got a corner kick. I was pleased to hear from Mike and Arthur that the kick rolled right by them as well as me before some lucky schmuck kicked it in. Not the best start, but we did fight back.

Jeff got one of several breakaways, and made a nice cross to Laura, who, well.... Laura has promised that she will score on those opportunities in future! Not to worry - Jeff got another breakaway soon after, and scored this time. (Laura was covered this time..., but got an assist.) (Mike: Oops! we have since realized that it was a deflection to Laura, and not a cross. Figures...)

Okay, I'd love to write more about the first half. Really I would. I remember us making some loud comments about the random calls about throw ins. This wasn't interesting until Mike tells me after the game that he thinks the ref was deaf in at least one ear.

Anyway, we were outplayed by their good passing, and they got another goal on a good passing sequence. Yes, our defense could have been better on that particular play, but it was a pretty good goal. We managed to go into half-time down only 2-1. Mike rightfully pointed out that we had a gaping hole in the middle of the field most of the time. Midfielders will work on changing that.

The second half was better for us - we won many more fights to the ball. Passing was much better as well. Jeannette and Laura were quick on the wings. Azzi and Alison were good in the midfield too. DiCarlo got another good breakaway goal. Several others had good chances as well. Arthur, Bea and sub Jome were all solid on defense.

But we should devote a paragraph to Gael. Some great saves, and it sure is great to have you. However, this is the game summary, where we have to mention the high ball that Gael misjudged and it went over his head. Fortunately it bounced and went over the goal. Then there was the deflection that went off the crossbar. Luck was with us this game, and the game ended 2-2.

Nice job everyone. If your name didn't make the summary, then it probably means you didn't do anything stupid!


  1. DiCarlo from Brian and Laura
  2. DiCarlo from Erin