FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

April 21st, 2004
2 - 2 Tie vs. Brownian Motion

Brian: Okay, first let me invite anyone to contribute to summaries by sending me email on game day. I'll try to include your stuff, as some of my facts aren't always complete...

Our opponents, "Brownian Motion" were a good team, and not the geeks that the name might suggest. In fact they were great sports, making this game fun. They also passed the ball very well, and managed to control a lot of the first half.

We were without a regular goalie. Ramsey started the first half with some solid saves. More importantly, after Arthur relieved him, Ramsey made his best save of the night, clearing a ball off our goal line, reaching around one of their forwards to make the play.

Our outside midfield/winger play was great - good passing, communication and hustle. In fact the hustle increased as the game went on, and pressuring their defense meant that we did outplay them on the sides.

Not much else to say about the first half. The wind was against us, and their sweeper got almost all of our pass attempts. The half ended 0-0.

Early in the second half, with Gion at forward and Arthur in the midfield, the duo connected. A nice little pass from Gion, and Arthur went in on goal and scored. Notably, Arthur subbed off immediately, so we can infer that he put all his energy into that goal.

The other team's passing was good though, and they beat us to some balls in our own end. At some point their winger went in from the side and made an impossible shot that beat DiCarlo on the short side. Not long after, they made a nice cross to an open player in front of the goal to make it 2-1. They pressured hard, and were outnumbering our defense. In trying to clear the ball, I almost managed to score on DiCarlo too, but it went just wide.

Again, continued pressure, hustle and good passing against a better team. I think we were outlasting them, and pressuring late. A couple of what would have been great passes managed to ding them in the heads. Then Gion took a long high shot/pass that their goalie had difficulty handling. Kudos to Jeff, who was pressuring him. The ball hit DiCarlo's head and rolled into the goal to tie the game. [I have permission from Jeff to say the goal was "lucky."] However, an excellent example of what comes out of good hustle.

The game ended shortly afterward, yes, after I messed up a breakaway after an excellent pass from Arthur.

In summary - great passing, hustle and pressure. I think they were a better team than us, but we worked hard as a team. Pressure on the ball creates errant passes, so let's keep that up. Great game from everyone.

Mike: I kind of have to disagree with Brian on the "better team than us" aspect of things. They did control some of the play in the first half, but except for the 10 minutes where they scored both their goals we really dominated the second half. Seems to be like the wind might have been a better team than either of us!


  1. Arthur from Gion
  2. DiCarlo's Nose from Gion