FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

April 29th, 2004
3 - 1 Win vs. Old Pros

Mike: Due to some confusion, there are two summaries this week. Lovely!

Brian: Our first game this year against the Old Pros, with whom we had two close, hard fought games last year.

Clark joined us in goal. If you are only reading this in hopes of finding a repeat of Clark's shorts incident, then I'll just save you the bother now.

Dedication award goes to Laura, who delayed her flight to Texas to do a bike ride for MS until Friday morning just so she could make the game. This amongst having to move out of her apartment on Thursday night as well. Hope the ride went well Laura.

So the game started with DiCarlo showing that he is much faster than their defense. The unusual part, however, was that he missed on the breakaway... but enough to inspire comments from our defense. Anyway, their defense proved slow enough for Brian and Arthur to get a 2-on-1 soon afterward. A little give-and-go led to Arthur scoring on a nice shot.

I don't remember much else about the first half, except that we dominated and couldn't buy a goal to save our lives. Their goalie was great, and we were unlucky. Everyone pressured the opponents like in our first two games, which again made a difference. Oh, I did like the quote from the other team's woman winger, "C'mon! Pass! Why do we women even show up?"

Second half - inspired by the arrival of Ramsey and Heather, we continued to press. Lots of opportunities. Several DiCarlo breakaways, and finally he scored on one. That's about where the game got more interesting. One ref did seem to have some bone to pick with us, as he called foul after foul against us, with none against them, in what seemed a pretty clean, even game. He finally saw a chance to make a bogus call that gave them a penalty kick. Clark tried his math tricks, but to no avail as their star, Chewy put a low shot to the side that Clark didn't dive to. Impressive dive though Clark - would have saved it if it had been to the other side for sure. 2-1.

After DiCarlo's goal, Brian came in at center forward, to learn just how hard breakaways are. After shooting over the goal when I should have passed to Mike, I got another breakaway. Seeing the goalie come out, I tried to put a move on him and fell flat on my face. The genius of this move was that their player tried to clear the ball... to Jeannette, who put one of her trademark high shots perfectly by the goalie to make it 3-1.

That's about it. The usual comments apply - our hustle and pressure were great. Let's keep up the hard work and keep going hard for the ball. I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am so far this year.

Mike: Well we had a couple of tough games against Old Pros last year, but game out victorious on both occasions. I always felt they were one of those teams last year that thinks they are a lot nicer and a lot more fun than they really are. This year I actually really did think they were nice, but sometimes being short a couple players has a humbling effect. The exception of course was the whiny girl who assured me that she knew the offside rules because she had taken training, or courses, or something and so clearly was beyond all reproach on matters of soccer regulations. I urge her, if she is reading, to go here and download the rules of the game for a little brush-up.

But I digress, mostly because it's been almost a week and I forget pretty much everything that happened. Let's see, Arthur scored again, causing him to boast that he is the most efficient scorer on our team. DiCarlo took offense at that, but then we reminded him that being prolific is very different than being efficient. A statistics discussion between DiCarlo and Clark ensued. Brian feel on the ball on a breakaway, but at least their defender was kind enough to subsequently pass the ball to Jeannette, who scored. Jeannette also vowed not to make the game summary for any offsides related reasons. Good stuff Jeannette. DiCarlo scored just as he promised he would during half time, and I still don't have any points this season.

We played really well, made lots of great passes, and dominated a lot of the game. Sure they hit the crossbar twice, but mostly had chances from the outside and Clark made a couple nice saves when he had too. Apparently however one of their players was a Sith Lord, thereby impervious to Clark's Jedi-Mind-Tricks and able to score on the totally bogus penalty shot. Anybody notice how the referee was totally biased against us? Of course you did, if you were blind you would not be reading this right now.

Thanks to Laura for showing up to play even though she was both injured and in the process of getting evicted (okay, technically she is just moving but that's not as exciting. And Laura, if you really are getting evicted, remind me to take my foot out of my mouth sometime). I don't think anyone was happier than Laura to see Heather and Ramsey show up at halftime. Thanks to Azi for finally bringing out a fan to the game, shame on Julie, Juniper, Kendall, Kainaaz and all the other potential fans for being total slackers.

In closing, I'm glad we finally won!


  1. Arthur from Brian
  2. DiCarlo from Arthur
  3. Jeannette