FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

May 3rd, 2004
2 - 2 Tie vs. Precision Identity

Mike: Okay, I think that first of all we should congratulate me for behaving much better this game than the last time we had this ref. (Click here for details). In fairness all he did this time was make us change sides of the fields, not fields entirely, nevermind messing with our net. But he's still a pain in the butt.

Brian: A tough game against Precision Identity, with whom we split games last year. In fact they handed us our toughest game last year. Less inviting, was when our ref showed up - the one who made us switch fields last year, and who gave Mike the card for nothing. I got worried when the other ref seemed to get along with him.

PI play well. Strong team all around, and they pass to everyone, so it is tougher. Plus they have several quick players. However, we continued our season tradition of pressuring the ball, which makes up some ground when we play good teams.

Our defense was sound all game. They don't get enough credit, but not only are our defense pressuring hard, they are getting back and making sure they don't get beat. PI had some great shooters, and between Gion, Arthur, Bea and Mike, they were held from any great shots for the whole first half. Then again, so were we, but oh well.

The second half started with the same intensity. One lead pass to Jeff, who chased it down hard, and stopped it just outside the post past the line. No worries though, soon a good forward header from Mike to Jeff led to a nice breakaway goal to put us up 1-0.

We held the lead for a while, but they finally managed to beat us deep up a wing, with a fantastic cross to an open player. Very soon afterward, Gael made his only mistake of the game, challenging their star player and getting caught out. Kudos to Mike, manning the goal. Had their player not made a perfect shot just below the crossbar, Mike would have saved it. Pretty unlucky, and we got a bit down for a second.

Inspired by Gion's rushes, and lots of pressure from Heather, Vasey, Azi and Alison in the middle, we kept fighting. Lots of good throw ins from Erin, Heather and Bea too. Eventually Jeff got a ball deep in the right corner, and beat a few players, then made a *perfect* cross to Brian. Perfect because Jeff put it off my head and in, and most of us have seen the many directions where my headers can go. That made it 2-2.

As Mike said, our forwards need to play a bit more conservatively on defense when we are back. But we fought very hard this game, against another good team. Many, many fine saves from Gael, and great checks on defense kept us in this one, and I think we should be proud of the tie.

Oh yeah. Jeannette was off-sides for at least one whole half. (Sorry Jeannette, but we sure could have used one of your goals, so you make the summary again!)


  1. DiCarlo from Mike
  2. Brian from DiCarlo