FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

May 20th, 2004
2 - 0 Win vs. Destroyers

Mike: Well it started off as one of those games that you feel is just going to be a disaster. Come gametime at 6 o'clock we were short three women, and a goalie. Yikes! Luckily for us 6 o'clock and "gametime" are not exactly the same thing in the SBASL, so we still had a few minutes to say a couple prayers. Grant's prayers were answered as Gael showed up in full gear just as we were about to blow the starting whistle and took to the net. Still three women down though we adopted the always cagey "4-3-0" formation facing into a formidable wind.

As it turned out we were doubly lucky since arguably their best player, that asian woman who kept taking us apart on the right side last game, and their two bitchiest players (including her, apologies if you are reading this woman but you were really not making very many nice comments last game!) were both absent. Everybody played hard, and we kept them at bay for quite some time in our weakened state. They were forced to take nothing but outside shots, and in this case the wind worked to our advantage as everything they struck flew high and wide of the net. Gael had to make at least one great save when one of their players snuck in close and alone, but even so the best chances of the game belonged to us, and primarily to Jeff "I'm fast but boy do I have trouble shooting" DiCarlo. But it was great work all around.

Erin finally beat the traffic (six car pileup on 85) and Jeannette materialize with the correct shoes (and no offsides calls the entire game!) to help us round out the first half at a 0-0 draw.

I don't know if we were bolstered by the arrival of new players, or if it was the wind (which totally died down on us!) or if they just got depressed by not being able to score but the second half we turned things around and dominated. Chance after chance later DiCarlo finally escaped on a long throw from Erin (special thanks to Erin for stayign the whole game and hanging her other team out to dry) and slid the ball low under the goalie to go up by one. And wouldn't you know it but the day comes when I finally score and I'm stuck writing the game summary. While suffice to say that it was my beautiful fiancee Juniper who made it all possible!

Gion was not quite so lucky as he picked up a lovely through ball from Ramsey and attempted to go in all alone, instead performing the "FC BrewHaHa Move", also known as "falling down right on top of the ball on a breakaway". He got right back up though and layed the ball back to Daniel who almost certainly would have scored were it not due to the fact that he was under rather a lot of pressure since his girlfriend Kendall "PAC-10 Champion" Beckham was watching the game. (Technically her last name is Beck, not Beckham, but we can all dream). Next game she assure me she will have pom-poms.

In other news I'm almost certain that Bea got the phone number of one of their players, their second #10 who was actually pretty nice and I'm glad I didn't bonk him in the head any harder than I did. Arthur suffered a concussion (well not really, but he did head the ball with his face causing his glasses to fall off, which is why I wear contacts) and Heather was wearing brand new shinpads. Once again, she insisted on buying a pair of children's size medium. If you don't believe me take a look, those have got to be the smallest damn shinpads I've ever seen!

Congratulations on a great victory!


  1. DiCarlo from Erin
  2. Mike unassisted