FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

May 26th, 2004
2 - 2 Win vs. Brownian Motion

Brian: We tied these folks last time, but I think that was a different team because last time I had, "In fact they were great sports, making this game fun. They also passed the ball very well, and managed to control a lot of the first half."

Mike: Yeah, I read that summary before the game, and expected them to be a little friendlier than they were. Well I guess it evens out, because Destroyers from last week were *way* friendlier than they were the first time around.

Brian: Well this time it was different - we controlled much of the first half. An early nice rush with Grant and I going 2-on-1, Grant made a nice pass to me, and I had all the time in the world to line up a shot on their goalie who was way out of position to make it 1-0. We had some more nice chances in the first half, thanks to great crosses from Marie. Good passing, and we did seem to control the ball for much of the game. Solid play from Gael in goal.

In the second half, they started early with several corner kicks. On one of these corner kicks (that should have been a goal kick) the wind caught the ball and took it straight into the goal. The lone ref was tested, as play got more physical. I'd say he called it fairly evenly, but missed some, obviously. Mike got labeled the bad guy for going "uuuuh ooooh uuuuh" or whatever the other team's guy was trying to say after he (other team's guy) smacked into his own player. Etc etc.

Mike: The good news was that the incident gave us the opportunity to see what may have been once of the best gorilla impressions you will ever see during a game of soccer. Yes, apparently since the other guy was stupid enough to run into his own player, then kick her, then realizing he kicked her kick me as well, I am the gorilla. He probably just has a small *****.

Brian: Lots of opportunities for us, many from great crosses. Grant had a few close header opportunities. (He's a strong guy, I learned on one of them where he decided to head me and the ball) But no luck capitalizing. Their star forward got a ball at center and went in on goal. Mike made him take a difficult shot, but he managed to put it short and high to make it 2-1. Ugh. We didn't deserve to be behind. But we fought on and ultimately DiCarlo went in on a very "efficient" pass from Arthur and created a nice rebound that Marie managed to put in. The game ended 2-0. Too bad we didn't win this one, but good that we fought back for the tie.

Mike: Technically the game ended 2-2, but who's counting? Lots of great opportunities as Brian mentioned, we definitely could have nabbed a couple more. I assume this means everyone is saving them up for the Dweebs this summer?


  1. Brian from Grant
  2. Marie from DiCarlo and Arthur