FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

June 3rd, 2004
1 - 3 Loss vs. Old Pros

Brian: Blah! So last week I figured out that you have to click on the game score to get the summary. So all my effort to make these suspenseful is wasted. Well maybe someone got a red card this game? Read on...

We started out short one woman. Thanks right away to our subs - Xiaojan, Dana H, and Clark. We needed you. Now Old pros, with whom we were 3-0 up until now, are a reasonable team. A little slow on defense, but with Chewie (we decided on the Star Wars spelling) as their star talent, and with them responding to the popular barking girl (I forgot her name) about passing to their women, they are much improved compared with last time.

Enough about them. We have Marie. Who runs the left wing hard, and makes crosses etc. This time it was a little lead pass to Grant, who pounded it home on the breakaway to make it 1-0. Good start, and we kept looking good. But with only 2 forwards, it was tough to connect offensively. A bit later, a random free kick of theirs led to a goal. A hard, low shot just beat everyone. Not too much else to say about the first half really, except that we played hard and our defense was sold (kudos to Bernadette, Ramsey, Daniel, Xiaojan, and Mike) In case Bea's coworkers are reading this, she didn't get any phone numbers this game. In case Juniper is not reading this, Mike did take a ball in the face. Ouch. I took one in the nipple and that hurt enough, but the face.

Alright. Jeannette was supposed to send me a blurb about the refs hair do. She was pretty excited about it. She was sure it was a mullet, and strictly speaking it probably was (check MulletsGalore.com for strict definitions). I think he reminded me more of Khan on Star Trek II, which is not to say that I watch Star Trek, by the way. Personally I thought the ref was better than most, and did okay by himself, so you'd better ask Jeannette for details.

So in the second half we kept playing hard. The women all ran their hearts out. But without both our leading scorer and our most efficient scorer, we were in trouble offensively. Grant had a nice hard shot that missed, but almost hit a passer-by. Ramsey had a nice effort as well. But basically the ball didn't bounce our way, so there just isn't much to say about the offense.

Defensively we played hard. Xiaojan, you are welcome back any time. Going in that hard the ball is great to see. Gael made some spectacular saves as well, and we covered them well on all the corners. Unfortunately we left a girl open on one rush, and she scored pretty easily to make it 2-1. Later on a little miscommunication and some bad luck let them make it 3-1. Yikes. I don't know what else to say - all I remember is our defense playing solidly all game and making about 2 mistakes that led to their 2 goals.

So let's come back and win Monday. If you missed the game, consider canceling all other things going on in your life for soccer. We missed you!

Oh yeah. Nobody got a red card. Their guy got a yellow, which Ramsey the victim of the attack agrees was well-deserved.

Mike: Yeah, mullet aside I thought the ref was okay, at least he tried to call some things, and called the guy when he head-butted Bea. That guy was a bit of a prick. But the ref could have waited 30 seconds to call the game when Brian was on a breakaway right at the end. I mean it's not like we could have tied it up anyways, have some heart man!


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