FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

June 7th, 2004
2 - 2 Tie vs. Precision Identity

Mike: I kind of feel like we are in a bit of a rut. I mean I pretty much know that as soon as the score hits 2-2 we can all stop playing since that's the way it's going to end. I mean yikes, how many 2-2 ties can you get in a season? (Answer: At least 5). I mean ties are nice and all, but a few more wins couldn't hurt! Well anyways, to the game in hand. We start into the wind, and I mean big time wind, but there's plenty of optimism because we've actually got a female sub. These guys are a good team, frankly I think they are the best team in the league with the possible exception of ourselves, and move the ball around really nicely. They are a pretty nice team too, which is always a pleasure. (the exception is that little blond princess-primadonna #4, with the most pathetic jersey grab I've seen in a long time). But in this case, I think the strong wind really hurt them. The ball kept slipping ahead of them when they would go to take a shot, and it held up in the air just right for our forwards to swoop in on the D and score. Bea played a high ball in early that just hung in the air, dropping down to DiCarlo who headed it on for Grant to finish. Without that wind the ball would have gone right to their defender, who's probably still waiting for it to come down to him. Later on Marie stole a ball from their D and fed it on to DiCarlo, who against the wind was able to control the ball and slam it home by the goalie - albeit not where he meant to shoot it. We played really hard, and things were looking very good at half time.

The second half got off to a bad start fairly quickly though, as Grant went down injured early on. I think it was a field based injury, probably a rut or a divot or something like that, hopefully Grant will be okay. We brought on Dana Hughes as our 6th woman, but unfortunately that meant we lost our sub and started to get tired. The second half we really just hung on by a thread, and they pressured us for most of the half. They managed to score twice, but we didn't stop fighting and held it to a tie a the end of the game. It would have been nice to hold on for the win, but everyone played really well under the circumstances. And Jeannette wasn't offside once! Not that those two refs would call anything, that one guy had his whistle so far up his ass, well, nevermind. But he did play a really good game of pretending not to speak english after the final whistle, which I always appreciate.


  1. Grant from DiCarlo and Bea
  2. DiCarlo from Marie