FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

June 16th, 2004
5 - 1 Win vs. United

Brian: Okay, so this one started off VERY exciting. Mike is away, and I'm trying to figure out which field we're on, so I call Mike. Then dinosaur ref himself comes over and starts telling me which field to play on, how to put up the nets etc etc. I'm thinking Mike would have the red card by now, but then it turns out he isn't even reffing our game.

Yowsers. Well United turned out NOT to be LSI United, the team that we whipped last year. But yes, I still remember that you have clicked on the score to get here. Basically they pass quite well, but are just pretty slow. Oh yeah, their defense isn't so hot either. On our side, sub PJ hurt her knee early, and was done for the night. We hope you are better soon, maybe tomorrow, PJ?!

Our scoring began with a pass to Brian down the right wing from Jeannette. I sent a high, fairly random cross that found DiCarlo on the far post. A brilliant header from Jeff made it 1-0. Ramsey would have been proud. Shortly afterward, Marie, who was making great passes all game made a short pass to me on the 18. Seeing DiCarlo covered, I decided to try the long high shot a-la Jeannette, which found the corner for 2-0.

Lots of strong defense from our own end. Omar, our sub goalie made some good saves in the first half. Arthur was solid at sweeper, and Daniel was convinced to make an end-to-end run by the unanimous vote. Xiaojian and Bea were, as usual, solid as well, continually frustrating their players by stealing balls.

Meanwhile, Xiaojian took a ball in from Marie, and beat a couple of their defenders before making a nice little pass to me so that I could go 1-on-1 with the goalie. He almost stopped my little low shot, but it rolled in for 3-0, how the half ended.

In the second half they had more chances, as we were tiring from our lack of subs. But we still managed to work the ball up. After their goalie got lucky and stopped Jeff, we sent him in alone again and he scored this time. Soon afterward, Jeff made a great through pass to me, catching the goalie out of position for an easy goal.

Nice as it would be to say we held them scoreless, they got lucky. A battle in front of our goal, and their tall girl made a *perfect* cross to their guy behind Omar for their goal. He was probably off sides, but they deserved a break.

A reasonable team to play against - they got more mad at themselves than at us, and they commented that we were a very clean team to play against. Nice to hear after you win 5-1, so let's have fun again tomorrow when they come back harder at us.

Oh yeah - Omar wanted everyone to know that having a beer on our uniforms means we should actually drink them after the game. Burgers were half price at St. John's. $3.99 pitchers tomorrow - mmmm! Maybe Skipper will make a surprise appearance?


  1. Jeff from Brian from Jeannette
  2. Brian from Marie
  3. Brian from Xiaojian from Marie
  4. Jeff from Brian from Arthur
  5. Brian from Jeff from Marie