FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

June 16th, 2004
5 - 1 Win vs. United

Brian: In the final FCBrewHaHa game of Mike Sykes' bachelorhood, we came out to face United for the second day - this time on the clay surface known as Peterson. This time Ramsey in goal and Dana Hughes, Xiaojian and Gion subbing (thank you all.)

I don't remember everything all that well, and have to save some material for Sunday. They came out playing the way they played last night - but short a 3 women. We let them have an extra man, but took that away when their women showed up and they weren't yet playing their women. They also recruited some extra women at half.

In the first half I feel we were outplayed in that they were first to most balls and we didn't pressure them enough in the mid field. We also sent a lot of passes to non-orange jerseys...! However, we made it to half tied 0-0.

In the second half we came back stronger - winning many more loose balls and pressuring more. DiCarlo had a few attempts, and was fouled repeatedly before finally getting a call. As usual, we tend to not get the calls we want, but that's probably just our perception. As usual, talking back at the ref didn't help either. But we kept up the pressure, and finally Jeff got a ball in deep and beat their goalie nicely to the lower corner. I have no idea who got the assist, so if you actually read these, please claim it!

Onward. Our defense was strong as usual, and Ramsey was very solid in goal. However, one of their players was cutting across the 18, and seemed defended, but let off a hard shot that snuck past Ramsey to make it 1-1. We pressed hard for the rest of the game, but it didn't quite happen.

A 1-1 tie seems symbolic of the spring season. Let's come out strong on Sunday to start the summer league.

Mike: A 2-2 tie would have been better! Oh, and technically Gion isn't subbing, he was just on vacation a long time!


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