FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

June 20th, 2004
1 - 1 Tie vs. Teal Dweebs

Our first game of the Summer league, trying out the new field at Palo Alto High School. We were fortunate to have Clark in goal before he heads off to the east coast on Tuesday. We will miss you Clark!

The Dweebs, as always were tough. They are big, and get to a lot of the high balls first, like goal kicks and corners. But we were hustling well and getting to a lot of the other loose balls. Several good chances early on too, especially Gion having a shot go about 6inches over the goal - too bad. The first half was hard-fought, but ended 0-0.

In the second half, in general, I think we played even harder, winning the fights to more balls, and having good ball control. Let's keep this up! We were moving the ball up the wings much better than Thursday - kudos to Heather, Jeannette, Vasey, Marie, Erin, Laura and Julie. And good pressure on the ball.

Our pressure ultimately paid off. I got a ball deep in their end after their defender messed up, and was able to send it over to Jeannette at the 18 yard line. Jeannette passed forward to Gion, who took a good low hard shot at the goalie which got free. Fortunately, I was closer to the ball than the goalie, and put the 8-foot shot into the empty goal.

We didn't let up, and had a few more chances. The highlight of these was when Vasey headed a ball over their keeper as he was coming out. Looking great, and going right in, but their defender got to it just before it rolled in and cleared it. Several more great chances to us, but bad luck with the calls left us at 1.

The Dweebs, as they tend to do, spoiled the party. They got a ball deep on the wing and crossed it. A few good bounces and they ended up making it 1-1, which is how it ended.

All-in-all, a great game from us. I tend to be frustrated by another tie, but really we played hard and great. Our goal was just as lucky as theirs, so we should be glad to come away with a tie. Fortunately the Dweebs are a good bunch of people with a great attitude, so it was an enjoyable game.


  1. Brian from Gion and Jeannette