FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

June 27th, 2004
6 - 0 Win vs. Battling Geezers

Folks: It is with a heavy heart that I will step down as team manager, obnoxious captain, and sayer of things insignificant as Mr J. Wardwell, I mean married-man Sykes returns later this week.

Okay, the Battling Geezers are a reasonable bunch. Looking back at the summaries from last year, they were missing their mouthy Brit. The game started with a few reasonable opportunities from them but our substitute goalie Bryan held us in easily. Then there were some fouls. I learned a new trick - if you're being fouled constantly, just keep the ball and let the guy keep fouling you and you get the call. Give the refs credit, they called about 6 fouls on from-behind cheap stuff. We talked to them a little about it, and the Geezers decided to stop with the fouls.

Then DiCarlo had a bit more space, and a few opportunities. Also, sub Thomas made some nice plays in the middle leading to a shot that just went over. The game was still looking close 20min in. Finally DiCarlo went in to the left on a lead pass, and had a great look, but screwed up. That left him near the goal-line for a great chip-cross to Vasey. Vasey, remembering last week's near goal put full force onto the header and beat the goalie back to the left. Great goal.

Pretty soon afterward, Thomas took a pass from Arthur at the 18, and let off a good shot that beat their goalie in the bottom right corner. 2-0 is how it went to the half. Great passing, pressure, getting to balls, and general domination in the first half.

Julie scared us, going down after taking a ball to the back of the head. Fortunately the rest was good, and she came back to play a solid 2nd half, quite a bit at defense.

At the start of the 2nd half, Laura asked me something about when to run this way or that way. She figured it out soon though - a perfect DiCarlo run in on a nice lead pass by Thomas. A nice soft pass across on the ground found Laura who made no mistake in making it 3-0.

Gion then started to get in on the action. Continued great passing. I can't remember all this, but basically Gion to Jeff to Thomas Thomas for another good goal. 4-0.

Now at 4-0, I generally feel we've done enough damage, but I happened to end up up for a corner kick. DiCarlo sent a GREAT corner over to me, and, inspired by Vasey earlier, I decided to give it a header. Well Arthur thought it went in, and their goalie scooped it out. Fortunately the rebound came to me so I could kick it in. But the main point if this story is that Jeff's corner hit me square in the face. I'd like to learn the header technique some time....

...and the person to teach may be Thomas. Another Gion rush with a pass from Laura, then a perfect cross and header to score by Thomas for 6-0. Honestly, the scoring would be boring, but the goals from everyone were pretty. DiCarlo, you ask? Well he assisted on most of them, and could have easily scored in the 2nd half. And Thomas? Nice introduction!! We'll be sure to think of you whether or not we need subs next time!

Score 6 goals, and I've got plenty of material. But we should acknowledge the fine play of Nicole, our 3rd visitor, and all the women for that matter. There were no female subs, and Laura/Julie in rehab made it tough. Bea was consistent at right D most of the game, but showed some skills at midfield too. Finally, Bryan got to show us many good saves, and one *GREAT* save when following a corner we all decided to leave our check. They made a good cross, and he made a diving save to save a great shutout.

Good game everyone! Thanks for making my term as manager fun, with 13 goals for, 3 against. Mike should give me a pay raise!


  1. Vasey from DiCarlo from Brian
  2. Thomas from Arthur
  3. Laura from DiCarlo from Thomas
  4. Thomas from Jeff from Gion
  5. Brian from Jeff
  6. Thomas from Gion from Laura