FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

July 11th, 2004
1 - 3 Loss vs. Tornadoes

Mike: So a lot of you may not have realized this, but July 11th was actually the 77th anniversary of 7-Eleven. And in celebration they were giving away free 7.11 ounce slurpees. Yum! Boy were those suckers hard to fill though, I'm not used to operating with such a small volume of slurpee. This was definitely however the highlight of the day since we also suffered our first loss of the summer season against the Tornadoes.

The first half started with them pressing. They played an aggressive formation with an extra forward up front compared to what we are used to, and we were unable to keep the ball down in their end long enough to make them pay for it. We have some good opportunities but the tradition of hacking the hell out of DiCarlo continued, and poor footing in their end made it hard to beat their D. They closed down well on shots which we prepared to take from the outside, which is something we did not do well against them. They had a pretty good system of working the ball down the wing, then feeding it into an open player standing at the top of the 18 yard box for a shot. Luckily Gael was on top of all of those, even though they got a few good shots off. Eventually though a hole opened up on our left side, and one of their players waltzed down into our area and blasted one in to make it 1-0.

Things continued pretty much like they were, until their second goal. Since I'm writing this summary in Brian's absence, I also have the priviledge of not having to write about the second goal. Suffice to say it was rather embarassing, on a very personal level. Let's just leave it at that. It happened with about 4 minutes left in the half (I distinctly recall someone yelling out "four minutes left" right afterwards), and so we dragged into halftime down by two.

They got lucky early on in the third half, and their extremely friendly female player that we all know and love put a well placed shot into the top corner to go up by three. Things weren't looking good, and their 10-odd subs on the sidelines provided them with constant sets of fresh legs. That didn't stop us though, and after that we actually started to play a lot better. They still had their share of chanced due to a few of us being caught forward on occasion, but we pressured more and more as the half went on. Finally Gion sneaked and and stole the ball from one of their defenders, popping it into the 18 yard box. Jeff took advantage of what he assures me was a miscommunication between their players and waltzed in to take the ball and slide it into the net. Marie narrowly missed on a great cross from the right side, which she suspects took an odd bounce off the ground and frankly I'm tempted to believe her since Paly High might be better than Peterson but it's still a pretty shitty piece of earth. That was our next best opportunity for the day so it ended 1-3. Poop.

More 8:30am games coming up, and more tough games too including our next one against the B division Sempreverdi next week. Let's get ready for it!


  1. Jeff from Gion