FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

July 18th, 2004
4 - 3 Win vs. Sempreverdi

Brian: Okay, I am back, so the summary will again be biased towards what I remember - ie short.

First of all, I got there at 8:12. I almost called Mike to say I was running late. Then I was the 2nd person there. Hmmm. I think I'll use summary-writer's privilege to point out that by arriving 5min before the game, we don't get to warm up our goalie, besides the fact that it adds stress to the team organizer. Set your clocks ahead 15min or something next week please!

Sempreverdi are a B-league team, meaning they are probably better than us. How the heck did they get that name? Maybe it means something in Italian? They looked good at the start, but maybe that's just because of their sharp uniforms. We quickly saw that #7 was talented. But also quickly saw that their goalie was error-prone and their defense was slow. DiCarlo got to one ball before him and almost scored. Then I got past their defense and forced the goalie to bat a shot out for a corner.

Soon afterward we went up 1-0 on a lead ball from Mike that their goalie misjudged. I got there first and passed it across to DiCarlo for an easy goal. They weren't too happy about that one, needless to say. Pretty soon afterward, Mike decided to carry a ball out as sweeper to about half, then passed up to DiCarlo(?). I forget what happened, but DiCarlo had the ball and Mike decided to go in, calling for the ball. Sempreverdi, which may mean "bad judgement" decided he was no threat, and left him alone for the pass from DiCarlo. Mike put a nice low shot to the goalie's right.

A little while later, Ramsey went in on the goalie on a break and decided to go for the field goal instead. Now here I show the power of being the summary writer. I told Ramsey to put it on the ground (that's what Arthur and Gael always say). Soon afterward, he took a pass from Marie about 10 yards past center and shot it. Sure enough, it took a tough bounce and went in to make it 3-0. Marie gets the assist, but who gets credit for that? Arthur for preaching? Me for remembering? Ramsey for listening? It's a tough sell.

Okay, I'm bored writing this. We *DID* play really hard in the first half. Everyone was pressuring the ball very well, and we completely dominated them. Really.

Second half they put #7 up front. Things didn't look so good from the start. Very early on, he got by and went in alone on Gael and scored. A bit later, another few mistakes let him score again. Unlucky. They were fighting back, and taking advantage of us letting up some. However, a good lead pass from Erin up to Marie, then Marie feeding Jeff, who beat the goalie made it 4-2.

But that didn't hold for long. Their pinball goal, where who could follow the ball. Mike and Arthur agree that the guy who headed it in had no idea that he was heading the ball. Oh well I wouldn't either. But it made it 4-3.

Kudos to our defense, who played strongly to keep #7 from scoring again. I think the rest of us let up a bit - maybe the heat? Not good to let a team come back when we are up 3-0, and if you ask me, I'd say we just didn't pressure the ball nearly as much in the 2nd half. Anyway, good game on the whole, and we came away with the victory.

Mike: We really did play some great soccer in the first half, probably the best we have played as a team in a long time. But what the heck happened in the second half?! I think we pulled a classic FC BrewHaHa move of assuming that we had already won the game, so why bother keep playing hard? Sure #7 took us to class a couple of times, but the bigger problem was that we kept letting them give him the ball. With all the pressure we had in the first half and all the running it didn't matter how good #7 was, we never let them pass the ball to him so he couldn't do much. But we picked it up again after those first couple goals against and started to play well. And anybody else notice how friendly they were? A fun game, way better than playing agains the You-Know-Whos last week!

PS: So apparently Sempreverdi is a Theatre Group. Or it might be a Tree. Or possibly a, well, I don't know what this is.


  1. Jeff from Brian and Mike
  2. Mike from Jeff
  3. Ramsey from Marie and Laura
  4. Jeff from Marie and Erin*

* Bloop