FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

July 25th, 2004
4 - 1 Win vs. Purple Dweebs

Mike: So if we are going to talk about the game, I think we have to talk about the play Not a play, but the play. Yep, you know what I'm talking about. Jeannette throwing the ball in from 10 yards inside the field. Really, it just doesn't get any better than that! It's also about the only time I've heard a referee say anything along the lines of "give her a break" when the other team was chastising such a clearly unlawful play. He was actually pretty nice that ref, though I'm fairly certain the other guy slept most of the game.

But other than that, things went pretty well. Thomas *almost* scored in 5 seconds, which would probably have been a PACSL record, if PACSL kept things like records. Then, they almost scored about 30 seconds later, which was really one of about only 4 decent chances they had all game. Their goal came on something I would not exactly describe as a decent chance, but rather a Christmas gift from most of our team who all spontaneously decided that we like the Dweebs franchise enough that we didn't want to shut them out. Kudos to such a display of sportsmanship I say. Kudos to us.

We had some nice goals of our own, with Marie and Thomas both sliding the ball in low to take advantage of a goalie who sadly didn't seem to have much of a grasp of where his net exactly was. Gael takes most of the credit for those two goals, since he's been telling us to shoot on the ground all season long. Alberto had what I imagine was probably the goal of the century, except I wasn't really watching at the time (can anybody watch with Molly barking that much!?) so I don't have much of an idea what happened on the play. We are pretty sure that Erin threw in the ball for the assist, and I have to say that if we were keeping stats of "assists from throw-ins", Erin would definitely be leading the league. Clearly it's inconceivable to most people that a girl can throw the ball that far!

Marie scored again in the second half to wrap things up, and Jeff promises me that he really was trying to kick her the ball on the corner. Marie took a well placed header, and popped the ball into the upper corner in what almost looked like slow motion. Of course the real hero behind that goal is Arthur, who took I would have to say one of the most creative first touches on an indirect free kick I have ever seen to set up the goal. It's only too bad that Gion and Daniel were both absent or we could have implemented our unstoppable free kick strategy that we've been developing in practice.

And for the record, no, Amy is not Gael's girlfriend!


  1. Marie from Mike
  2. Alberto from Erin
  3. Thomas from Marie and Arthur
  4. Marie from Jeff