FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

August 1st, 2004
0 - 1 Loss vs. Falcons

Brian: Last time we played the Falcons, we lost 6-0. My main memory was of three of them crying to the ref for the penalty kick that made it 6-0. Enough said.

The Falcons that came out today were different. But strong. But the Brew were different too. Early on we had a few little chances. In Mike's opinion, "Our best chance all game" was Jeff's quick cross to me, that I couldn't quite get high enough up to properly direct in.

They pass the ball well, and the mud may have helped us in the first half. That and extremely strong play from Gion, Mike and Bea on defense. The highlight was their almost-goal, with a few good passes by them, and a fantastic save from Gael coming across the goal. Lots more should be said for our defense, including Ramsey and Arthur, and how they kept Falcons to almost no shots throughout the first half.

Their goalie was good, but looked shaky coming out pretty far. However, our lead passes seemed to get taken away, though we did get some nice plays to the side to Marie, Jeanette and Julie. Anyhow, 0-0 at halftime.

The second half was similar. They passed well, but we out-hustled them I think. They had more chances, and we had a few, but somehow didn't convert on any. Some unfortunate off-sides calls hurt us on offense - let's try to pay attention more. Though the refs seem to make the judgement of offsides long after the ball is kicked which is depressing.

They somehow got a ball through to their joker striker. He tapped it on to their winger, who snuck through and got her own rebound and somehow it went in. An unlucky goal on a bit of a brewhaha lapse. That's how it would end 1-0.

Soon afterward, the real loss of the game - Ramsey went down after an odd hyperextension of his knee. We hope it is doing better - We need Ramsey back for the tournament, not to mention the Phippel wedding!

So we could look at it as a loss, but I'm impressed by how well we played. We passed pretty well, though should maybe try more long balls to the side when we're on the short field. But 1-0 against arguably the best team we've played all year is really not bad!


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