FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

August 8th, 2004
3 - 1 Win vs. Go Monkeys

Brian: Go Monkeys. Kinda stupid name, but it must mean something to them. Poor team playing us after we came off a hard-played game last week, and we had a reasonable desire to kick a few butts.

Quickly #13 established himself as the talker, telling me not to whine when I requested that the ref blow his whistle when the ball went out. Soon afterward he would call for an offsides call from the other end of the field, not to mention more dialogue with Erin than Google wants to index.

Okay, many heros today. Vasey playing on a sore ankle. Julie cheering from the side due to injury. Bea playing with a sore back from last week. I can't remember all the great-hustle points for Bea, but her quote: "It sure is fun to take the ball away from men," says it all. On the other side, Laura on D in the second half made similarly easy work taking the ball from them time and time again, often chasing them down if they got by. Nice hustle Laura.

You can tell as usual that I can't remember the sequence of events. Marie scored on a long pass from Mike. Nice high shot that the goalie tipped, but still went in. A little while later, probably after #13 said a bunch of stupid things, Jeff stole a ball from their defense and went in alone for a nice goal to make it 2-0.

Then Mike got called for a stupid free kick after #13 took a dive. Not the last time that would happen. Gael easily saved the shot. The only other thing I remember about the first half was Gion hurting his leg and being sidelined despite trying to play through the pain.

We started the second half down one man, with Gion on the side. Things were going along fine - but we didn't have all that much offense. They had a few chances - some nice saves from Gael. Daniel moved to stopper, where he kept their forwards from having the ball much as well.

Jeff got a pass down field from Erin, and made some great moves (see *). I got annoyed with the guy who was elbowing me most of the way up the field, which motivated me to get in and take the great cross from Jeff. I managed to get the 6-foot shot on goal this time. Our 3-0 lead didn't last that long though. They made it 3-1 on a good shot from outside the 18.

Then the fun began. #13 took yet another ridiculous dive inside the 18, and the ref gave them a penalty shot. Gael stopped him cold. But then the other ref jumps in to say that Laura stepped inside the 18 before the kick. Of all the idiocracy. Mike decided to make a point by laughing loudly, which got a yellow card, which was probably worth it because the refs needed a little feedback. Plus Gael stopped them cold again! All those penalty kicks in practice paid off.

Soon after, the fans (Juniper & Julie) thought Sandra should get an assist because Jeff should have scored after she dribbled by 3 people and made a perfect cross to him in front of an open net. I say those shots at an open net can be tough. And Jeff is still full from eating 42 wings on Tuesday, and possibly a bit hung over?

Anyway, that's probably the highlights. It is unfortunate that we left with a sore feeling after having foul after foul called against us when the other team were elbowing, pushing etc etc as much. Erin clarified: The refs were trying to recruit #13 for their game later. Too bad. Final point - In my humble opinion, #13 wasn't any good anyway!

Good game team. Great hustle from everyone. Many GREAT saves from Gael too. If you didn't get a mention, it probably just means you kept your mouth shut! Thanks to Sandra and Nicole for playing hard as subs.

Mike: In fairness to me... I wasn't trying to make a point with the ref by laughing, it was just such a stupid call that I couldn't think of anything else to do! But in all seriousness I would really recommend that nobody tell any jokes on the field because apparently laughter is not to be tolerated in this league!


  1. Marie from Mike
  2. "Honey"
  3. Brian from Jeff* and Erin

* - There was a whole bunch of stuff about how great Jeff is written on the white board.