FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

August 22nd, 2004
1 - 0 Win vs. Big Happy Team Too

Brian: Big Happy Too. Good start for us against Jeannette's other team, but not only did our Greek play for us, but she showed up on time. She would go on to get just one offsides call, but talk her way into getting a throw in that probably should have gone the other way.

They played well - pass the ball very well in the middle. But we have a fast guy. Jeff had several good chances in the early running, but their goalie was effective. Kudos to our defense - stopping them on every run almost. Mike stopped every single break in on goal - all game.

Now it should also be pointed out that Bryan V was playing goalie. (Mike: I prefer he be called Bryan with a "Y") Though we didn't give him quite as much action as we might there was a notable shot that went at least 12 feet wide and high, but that didn't stop Bryan making a huge dive toward that ball, eager to show his skills!

I can't really remember very many specifics of the game. And if they were controversial, I couldn't write them in case Jeannette forwards BHT to our web site. We did have great fans - Juniper, Amy, Julie and Kendal. Dave and Mollie too, and Mollie was quietened by a BHT fan who played with her.

Second half - we did get a goal fairly early on - Marie made a big cross in. Laura took a shot, and the goalie deflected it. DiCarlo put the ball in on the long side to make it 1-0. Offensively we had a few more chances, but all we managed to do was force their goalie to hurt his wrist on a hard shot by Thomas (I think).

Overall lots of good hustle. Daniel shut down their winger many times. Erin had the usual great throws. Bea played hard too, but no quotes really stood out. The conversation about her being married to Mike was good though.

Not the most eventful game, but great to end the regular season with a win, and look forward to the tournament.

Mike: Okay so there was some disagreement over who got the last assist, and I figured I would just award it to everyone since that's easiest, and I'm sure if someone really disagrees they will let me know!

Update! Okay, so Marie says she was subbed out during the goal, so she probably doesn't 100% deserve an assist on that one, but I think I sympathize with everyone who wonders how we didn't get more goals, and thus more assists yesterday!


  1. Jeff from Laura and Thomas