FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

August 28th and 29th, 2004
FC BrewHaha vs. the Tournament

FCB vs Purple Dweebs - Saturday, 9:00 am - 5-0

Mike: Dweebs, if you are reading this, we love you!!!

Brian: We started out early - a good stalling effort as the late risers trickled in. Heather started out in goal for us, followed by Arthur then Mike. As usual, a tough game. After 0-0 for awhile, our sub-sweeper Matt took a rebound from a poor corner kick and scored on a long shot from well outside the 18. A big goal, as it broke the game open.

Somebody took a nice ball down the left, Erin I think. Erin did a couple of back flips, then passed to Thaoms, Marie, or Jeff who moved in and scored. Of course the fact that I haven't a clue what happened gives me a chance to make mention of some of the things that were a constant all weekend. The first, we sure missed Ramsey's play (I especially, as it meant I had to play more defense!!). Second, thanks to all our subs: Amy, Viola, Matt, Thomas, Fernando. We always notice when other teams pad themselves with ringers, but we do it too. I do remember Amy having a nice try or two on right wing after hustling to lead passes.

Second half - At some point Jeff took a little pass from Jeannette on the side. I will support Jeff's statement that he really did look for someone to pass to, but seeing nobody put a shot in short-side. Thomas then managed to get his head on a nice cross from Jeff, and headed it on, over the goalie and in to make it 4-0. Thomas scored on another run, with a pass from Erin, (no back-flips this time) and made it 5-0. OH yeah, Matt showed that he has Skipper-esque throwing ability. However, Erin would dominate the offensive end with her usual long throws for most of the weekend.

The scoring system gave us 6 points for a win, 3 more for each of the first 3 gaols and 1 for a shutout, for 10 - a good start.

Mike: Well I almost had a heart attack wondering where the heck everybody was come 9am, but at least the Dweebs had sympathy on us and didn't score early while we were down three players. Yikes! Anybody remember the tournament a couple years back which started in similar fashion and led to the Web Hogs getting a PK goal in the first 5 minutes? I didn't think so!


  1. Matt
  2. Thomas from Jeannette
  3. Jeff from Erin
  4. Thomas from Erin
  5. Thomas from Laura

FCB vs Teal Dweebs - Saturday 1:30 pm - 3-0

Brian: Teal Dweebs came out playing hard as usual. They got called for two fouls on Jeff that they didn't argue with, both resulting in penalty kicks. Matt scored on the first one, but evidently gave away our penalty kick strategy, so their goalie was able to stop Thomas.

However, Thomas would soon have a chance - running down a little through-ball from Brian, he was able to score to make it 2-0. The one Dweeb who needs to drink more, or maybe less/! (yes, I'm hoping the Dweebs do read this) took out Bea on a pretty unnecessary shoulder check, and left her with a painful shoulder that she would quietly play with for the rest of the weeekend. (Mike: Dude needs to take a valium or something. He tried the same tactic as me, not noticing the slight difference in mass between Bea and myself, so I put him on his ass and he started whining about it being "competitive". I recognized his lame-ass tactics from last year, clearly he hasn't grown up much!)

We played conservatively for much of the game, trying to hold the shutout. Brian got a pass from Marie and the 18. According to Matt, "I'd have scored easily if I had any left foot." But since I know that problem, I passed to Marie, who sent a perfect cross, equaled only by Jeff's great header to score, giving us 10 more points.


  1. Matt (PK)
  2. Thomas from Brian
  3. Jeff from Marie from Brian

FCB vs Battling Geeze - Saturday 4:45 pm - 2-1

Brian: What to say about the Geezers? They didn't put up a huge fight in the regular season, but it appears they were missing some players then. After tying the Tornados early, we knew they'd be tough. Not to mention their whiny #28 was back (Mike: O'Malley? O'Rooney? O'Riley?) They seemed to dominate early, and their athletic #26 had some early shots, but Mike and Matt shut him down for the most part. We did get one good shot early - Laura beat their defender to a nice cross from Marie, and took a good shot that sadly went just high.

Geezers made a little giveaway to Brian at their 18, then let him walk in and score on a short shot (that Gael approved of). Very shortly later DiCarlo did much the same thing, except that Jeff can shoot from further out, like the 18 or so, and scored as such to make it 2-0. The first half continued to be intense. At some point we let their whiner shoot from the 18 and he put in a good shot to break our shutout streak for the day.

The second half continued with pressure from the Geezers and plenty of complaining. I forget most of the details, but we pressed hard. Marie, Jeff and Thomas all had some chances. But ultimately they decided to call Jeff for fouls instead of calling the constant obstruction from the other team. Not really a pleasant ending, but this was easily the most satisfying win of the day.

Mike: Yeah, what's with the Geezers. They seem to be more annoying every time I play them. If I ever get that whiny, somebody please slap me!


  1. Brian
  2. Jeff

FCB vs Go Monkeys - 10:45 am Sunday - 1-0

Brian: The action continued Sunday morning, with us needing 6 points to clinch a spot in the final game. Monkeys had found some strong women to add to an already good team. I just want to thank everyone for ignoring the yappy guy the entire game. It seemed to really frustrate him. That and the fact that we made sure he didn't get the ball! Like man teams, the Monkeys (shoudl I be calling them the Go?) had recruited some extra offense. But Mike, Bea and Arthur were strong as always and Gael made several good saves. (Mike: Not to mention some extra attitude! I tried to jokingly congratulate their 4'8" forward when he made an errant cross that threatened the goal, and he said something like "when I do it on purpose you will know". By that I guess he meant he would kick it right out of bounds, which he did a few times on corner kicks in the second half)

We had some good chances in the first half - especially Viola's attempt that just missed wide of the top corner. There was a debate over offsides calls, and Jeff had a chance or two, but their goalie also played well. Brian got a break on a lead pass from Fernando, but their goalie stopped that too. Finally, Jeff got in alone from the left and put a great shot in to make it 1-0. Ann stole a ball and started a nice offensive run that almost got us another goal. Our defensive play would hold on, and get us 8 more points and clinch a spot in the final.


  1. Jeff from Jeannette from Brian

FCB vs Tornadoes - 1:00 pm Sunday - 1-2

Brian: Tornados had been scouting us out. Always tough, this was their last game and they wanted it badly. Meanwhile, apparently we had decided to hold back and save energy for the final. Nobody told Erin this though! Tornados have a strong defense, and kept us from many chances early on. But Erin was playing hard, motivated by plenty of stupid comments from their I'm-so-great girl (who didn't do anything except kick the ball out, to my memory). Incidentally Erin had one of the nicer chances in the first half, but her shot went a bit high. Ann also had a nice opportunity but got stopped as well.

They scored on some kind of goal. All I saw was Gael writhing in pain after taking one where it counts. As Mike so aptly put, "Good thing the kid's already on its way!" Second half - again hard-fought. Our defense gave them about 2 chances all game, but they capitalized on the second - an easy cross where we did leave the same girl open, and she made no mistake. From there we had a few frustrating calls that seemed to go against us. Ultimately Brian stole a ball from one of their defenders, and Thomas made a great follow in to take a pass right at the penalty spot and put it by to make it 1-2. That's about all I remember from the Tornados - except some spirited encouragement from Erin, who definitely played harder than most (Mike: And two of their players trying to take Gael out on separate occasions all while a third player was chanting some bullshit "no injury" mantra that they clearly did not believe!)


  1. Thomas from Brian

FCB vs Sempreverdi - 3:45 Sunday - Final Game - 1-0

Brian: Sempreverdi showed up with lots of extra talent, beyond the team that gave us a good run in the regular season. With two very fast forwards, a fast sweeper and lots of other strength, they controlled most of the game. Arthur had to leave early with a little incident that left him without glasses, but our fans rose to the occasion and he was back by the 2nd half.

Gael was the hero of this game, with many GREAT saves. Jumping and diving, he kept us in. Meanwhile, a good effort up front finally led to a free kick. Mike sailed one just over the heads of Thomas and the defenseman he drew out, and found Marie who went in alone and scored on a good hard shot. (Mike: I really was aiming for Marie!)

From there we pretty much tried to stop them from scoring. We did get a few more opportunities, but mostly just pressured the ball. I am pleased to end the season on this note - the whole team played hard, and kept them from getting up the field easily. I noticed the extra effort to pressure the ball from Jeannette and Laura, amongst many others. The pressure on the ball by forwards and midfielders gave the defense a well needed rest when they weren't chasing #7 and #17. All in all, a fun game - minimal complaining and a clean team.

Mike: It's true, we had some great pressure in their end for about the first 15 minutes of that second half. They pressured hard at the end, but for awhile they weren't even able to get the ball out of the own zone, good stuff!


  1. Marie from Mike

Overall Comments:

Brian: Thank you everyone for a great season! Great effort from everyone to win the tournament. We'll be celebrating in 2 weeks.

Mike: A great season indeed, and the tournament was a wonderful way to end it all. Nevermind the heat-stroke conditions on Saturday, I had a great time and hope everyone else did as well. Thanks to everybody who played throughout the season and the year, and also all the subs who really bailed us out on the weekend!