FC BrewHaHa 2005
June 19th, 2005 vs. Tornados
3-0 Victory

Brian:Welcome to the 6th season of FCBrewHaHa. Q) How many current have played games in all SIX seasons? (Answer later...)

We start with Tornadoes, usually a team to give us a pretty good run -- they beat us at the last meeting after we'd clinched the round robin in the tournament.

They were short two women. (One very notable not nice one.) We jumped into an early lead after Susan-Marie-Brian for a breakaway and easy shot. Soon afterward, Marie decided to make it 2-0 by kicking a nice corner kick to the front corner, with a bit (okay, quite a bit) of help from their goalie.

We had a few more chances, but nothing too eventful in the first half, except for Grant's phenomenal "corridor of cones" move. If you don't know what that means, come to practice and Mike will explain.

Mike: If you were listening, you probably heard me screaming "Corridor of Cones! Corridor of Cones!" from the sideline!

Brian: Second half - some notes: Jeannette was never offsides. Well done Jeannette. Susan's jersey is too big now that she is not pregnant. With all due respect, ladies, shouldn't we think about the fit of our jersey when planning a family. Susan did have several nice shots that were close.

We also welcome several great new players - nice hustle from Jen at right-mid for much of the game. Thomas, our scoring sub from last year has joined officially, and had some nice passes up front today. Donna continually frustrated their forwards with good defense, and Jason generated some nice offense in the midfield.

Ramsey is back from his knee injury of last year, with the usual solid play that we know. However, Julie was victim to a collision and hopefully only a bruised knee in the 2nd half that left her sidelined for the rest of the game. NB: She was able to walk to get BBQ food tonight!

Back to the game. Jason took a pass from Erin and had a nice shot from the right that rebounded to Marie. Ooops! Marie fired it home on a great shot for her third point, and as such jumped out to a commanding lead in the team scoring race.

Gael had a few great saves, including a diving one-hander. Has anyone noticed that any time he touches the ball, he usually ends diving on the ground? I should also mention, to all you forwards that Gael has requested that you kindly get your shots on goal so you can score more goals. Mike, Arthur and Bea (aka Mrs. Cutting-Tools) also had plenty of good defensive stops.

Finally the "good effort" play of the game goes to Laura, who had one of their guys take the ball away from her outside their 18 yard line. She chased him all the way down the field and took the ball back inside our 18. Nice work Laura.

Good game all. Oh yeah, SIX current players have played in every season.

Mike: I can actually count six or seven, depending on how you define "season". Hmmm, everyone should email their answers to me, to see how sharp you all really are!

Scoring Summary:

  1. Brian from Susan and Marie
  2. Marie unassisted
  3. Marie from Jayson and Erin