FC BrewHaHa 2005
June 26th, 2005 vs. Teal Dweebs
7-0 Victory

Brian: Teal Dweebs. Purple, teal, they're all Dweebs. Last year we tied them 1-1 in a hard-fought game after we lost Mike to wedlock. This year they came out short quite a few players, making it an easy day for us.

Mike: Some trivia on the Dweebs. The tradition for many years was to make two roughly-equal Dweebs teams, harkening back to the glory days of Red Socks. Last year evidently they tried a bit of an experiment with a Dweebs A (Teal) and a Dweebs B (Purple), but that was a one year only deal, so this summer they are back to pseudo-even teams. I miss Red Socks, he's living in San Diego and evidently having some back problems but rumour is he'll be around for the tournament!

Brian: However, it took a a bit of time to get going before Grant put away a nice shot to make it 1-0. DiCarlo scored on a forward pass from Grant a little while later to make it 2-0. Susan put away a *beautiful* cross from Ramsey to take us into the half up 3-0.

The second half is a bit more of a blur. Plenty of nice goals for us from Thomas, Grant, Jen and Jayson. Memory fades, but they were all nice goals. In paticular, Jen's came after a cross from Susan after Susan basically dribbled around for 5 minutes or so and just lulled the Dweebs into a trance.

Hopefully Marie has recovered from Bronchitis, and will be back next week to claim the scoring race, which Grant and Susan have re-written this week.

Seven goals is a lot to score on the poor Dweebs, who didn't even bring their booze to drown sorrows at 10am. But let's focus on defense for a second. Thanks to us mixing things up with DiCarlo and Brian back, Gael had a chance to show off. A diving save stopped a great header attempt from dweebs. Gael also had a pretty save in the first half. And of course he had plenty of feedback for our forwards!

Nice game team.

Mike: Ouch, 7 goals is a lot. It's a tough one though, I really didn't feel like we were purposefully running up the score, but with all the great play and fresh legs we had, we were bound to run up the score a bit. I'm going to promise some stiffer competition in the coming weeks, but this is a good way to get into the swing of things. But how is it that after 7-0, Marie is still our top scorer and she didn't even play? I guess it means we are sharing the wealth on the scoreboard this season.

Scoring Summary:

  1. Grant from Jeff
  2. Jeff from Grant
  3. Susan from Ramsey and Jen
  4. Thomas from Jayson and Grant
  5. Thomas from Donna
  6. Jayson from Thomas and Arthur
  7. Jen from Susan and Mike