FC BrewHaHa 2005
July 10th, 2005 vs. Battling Geezers
1-0 Victory

Mike: Okay, writing this reminds me of why I made Brian take on the Game Summary job in the first place. Remind me to corral one of you into this next time he's away (ie next week, July 17th). My memory just isn't good enough to store an entire 90 minutes of action at once. Anyways, it was Geezers this week and they might have played part of the game short, but I'm pretty sure by the end of things they had a full squad. I leant them our backup goalie gloves, which should be worth at least an assist for me on the scoring chart.

MIA though were our Irish friend (O'Malley? O'Reilly? O'Rooney? O'Shea?), and that tall, annoying guy with the cocky attitude. They are both pretty big whiners, so I'm going to call that a good thing. In their place was a good player #20, who almost gave us plenty of trouble, but was kept more-or-less in check by some good D and goaltending. He got off several shots, but they were all under pressure from outside the 18, and Gael was more than up to the challenge. Actually quite a busy game for Gael compared to the last weeks, and like he said this time around his saves were "Necessary", as letting them in might have caused a tie or loss.

Gael was also victim to "BS call of the game" by the refs, who gave a free kick after their #40 ran into Gael's arm after he punched away the ball. Really, I know this is fun soccer and all but he did his best to avoid her, and she should probably watch where she's going more. I can say this with a callous attitude because she was fine, and kept right on playing. She also got on the business end of Ramsey's shoulder earlier in the game, and did her best to take Gael out in the second half.

We had some great chances, a header from Ramsey, nice turn around shot from Thomas, and plenty of other missed opportunities that we really should have capitalized on. We finally got the goal we needed and the lead deep in the second half during a bit of a melee in front of their goal. I counted approximately 7 people around the ball, including Jen, Jeannette and Grant who all had a crack at it. Ever the poacher, Grant "Ruud" Nowell managed to poke it home, to take the lead in the 2005 Scoring race. For awhile I figured people weren't scoring just because with Marie sick from pneumonia it wasn't very sporting to take the lead in the scoring away from her. Guess I was wrong.

What else? Susan showed up when she wasn't supposed to, much to the wrath of Mike (me). But that's okay, because we like Susan. Jayson's wife Jessica got on the field after some convincing, and made a great tackle in the second half on their fairly annoying #31. Heather and Ramsey's new dog Lucy slept pretty much the entire game, and Killian became quite disturbed after the final whistle since Lucas stole and ate his cookie. Life is tough sometimes!

Scoring Summary:

  1. Grant "from" Jen and Jeannette